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Dispare not, for the world around you will always grow.


It was in 1995 that I had started to write Fanfics.
It was in that time frame I had decided that the fanfics I would write would be Sailor Moon, seeing as that is the anime I knew the most about.
Now it is 2005, and my old site which was built purely on HTML by other friends no longer serves the pourpouse that I intend for it. Knowing that nobody will help me update and other such troubles as that, I decided to bring you the C.Ariza pages version 2. It was long in comming and I have worked long and hard to bring you each and every individual Story.
At the Moment the One I have up that I am Currently working on is Called FFX-3: After Vegnagun. It is a work I have been working on since the Summer of 2004 and it is something I will complete.
It is a colaberation of not only my imagination but also the imagination of one other. (Daisuki Aurora of #fanfics) 
With her we hammered out a basic story line to follow from which I have added to, and taken away from to tell such a rich fluid story.
That Fanfic has it's Own Page, and I will be linking to it Shortly.
Each fanfic will indeed have it's own page and workings.
For each setting and dream of each page will be diffrent.
I hope you will enjoy the stories, and I hope that you the readers will come back often to see what this Story Teller has to Say.  


The Anime Realm Gazette is something I've had for just about five to six years now. Having been created in May of either 1999. or 2000.
It's been quite a long time since I made it.
It's usually a Place where I write thoughts and Reviews on anime movies, tv series, Manga, and webpages.
It's also the place where I talk about anime club related news.


The orginal Banner is a bit larger then I had expected, but the text doesn't really mean much. It leads to a page I had made for a roleplay Game a few of my friends had been playing online on MSN. The system worked out for the general testings.
It's currently being re vamped for additional characters, and other such elements of game play.   


When I had been heavily involved with watching PGSM and involved in Live Journal Communities of this show. (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.) I had made this page to show my love for the show, and the many things that had been created. Within it's pages you will find a list of links, torrents, and fanlistings. Also live journal Icons, and pictures I had made in adobe photoshop.
Granted some linked pages can be used to be updated. I've just been incredibally busy lately that I haven't really gotten around to it.

Credit for the Lovely Banner goes to the lovely tishamoon

Blinded by fate is a webcomic I started in the year of well I want to say 2004, but I'm no longer certain. It's been on Tripod, then a place called Jelly creations, and now. The final move was on Dec 7th, or 2005. It's roughly a year old now.


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