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There are always things a person can do.
Yet people find that they don't do what they should be doing.
They forget, and do something else.
Chores are often forgotten.
Believe me, I should know.


Name: Crystal McDonald

Age: 24

Birthday: Nov 23, 1981

Sex: Female

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Email Adress: or


Website: You're there.

Live Journal Information: (Personal LJ)

(Community for the sister chat room #fanfics-rp)

Occupation: Full Time Mom. Part time artist, and writer.

Additional Info: I'm a full time mom, I live on my own.

I like to write and I have a flare for art which is one of my main loves.

I've been working on the fanfic After Vegnagun since the tale end of June 2004, you can view here: 

My first try at fanfiction was of course with Sailor Moon, but I have since then moved on to writing fanfics for video games.

Also I am currently working on an Orginal Story that remains un-named. It is a story I have been working on since the year of 2002.

Many real life experiances went into said orignal story, but also added embellishments went into it as well to give the characters a life of their own.

Not only that I'm working on a Novel Called "Hero's for Hire." I decided to write it when my other friends were participating in NaNoWriMo this year (2005).

My personal Life is pretty much dull when one thinks of it, but there are times when things get to be very interesting. If you wish to friend me on live journal I only ask that you at least leave a comment on my LJ first.


I also maintain the Livejournal Community for the sister chat #fanfics-rp.

If you have fanfic characters and want to keep up to date on important things, if you are apart of #fanfics-rp feel free to join.

That is all.

Caldina Merdona.

Fave Quote: "You've been a Baaaaaad Boy."

Dwarf to his Boss in the movie. "Chopper Girls in Zombie City."


I here by state that this information about me is True.