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What happens when you have a character and they want to be let loose?
They go to #fanfics-rp!

I've been involved with -rp for a very long time now. I have seen characters die, fall in love, have familes, and yes some even do come back from the dead. There are also characters that share the same name, but are completly diffrent. We call this P-Lines. The best way to describe it is that while one character has lived a life in one fanfic, that very same character could have a very diffrent life in another probabillity Line. For further example of this, I highly recommend the Tsubasa Series by Clamp. It deals with that very issue. It also crosses over into XXX HoliC so check that one out as well.
In any case, I decided to give a full out back ground for my characters and provide pictures.  And also the sources of what inspired them. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!  

The Tamala's.
Art Copyrighted to Sydney of

The Tamala's came from an Orginal Story I had written, and am currently re working. (Sands of the Dead)
I first brought the first Tamala in when I was pregnant back in 2001.
Her stats are as Follows:
Name: Trixy Tamala.
Age: Like I'll tell you.
Sex: Female.
Likes: None
Dislikes: None.

Back Ground:
She first came to the nexus, like I stated above, while I was pregnant. She was an Orginal character, and met with an unfortunate event. During that time something known as the shadow was considered a threat.
Knowing she had friends that were in danger, she tried to gather too much power. This backfired on her, and the end result was a Tree.
Several years later, with the assistance of Calis, (See Calis) and Maya and Rayne. (Characters played by Roland` and Corvus) She was brought back to her true form. She doesn't remember ever being a tree, but will take that as truth. She stayed in the Nexus for a while untill some rather bad things started to happen and then left to go back home to Milander, where she currently resides, and helps keep the City of Milander Named for her world, safe with her two brothers and a few others.

Name: Akoro Tamala.
Age: I lost count after One hundred.
Sex Male.
Likes: His current life style, as hectic as it may seem.
Dislikes: His magical power.

Back ground:
Akoro's past is long and filled with all kinds of diffrent aspects of his life.
He first apeared about a week or two after Trixy had turned herself into a tree by pure dumb mistake.
During that time he didn't know she was a tree, thus was there searching for her. When he finally learned of what happened to her, he went off back home to become a Dragon Guardian. Thus returning with the power of the Elemnt Fire. He was very ill at the time, and sported scars from the Dragon he served on the inside of his hands. Maya, took care of him, thus solidifying a close friendship.
He then went off to travel, to learn more about himself, and came back well learned in the ways of Man, and was well known for good deeds. Also his feelings for Maya. Maya at the time of his arrival back had come back from god only knows what. (I was absent from that part) This Maya ofcourse was but a Clone, and pregnant with a daughter. Wendy. (Played by Vulpes)  
Soon After Akoro started to frequent the Nexus more, eventually met Wendy and Michelle. (Michelle played by Corvus) Akoro became the love interest of Michelle, and a family friend to Wendy. Soon after it was reported that Avatar, a well known Evil in the Nexus had returned. It was also thought that Michelle ad some ties with Avatar. So Maya now older, and aging was beant od defeating this possible threat. This led to some bad times between Maya and Akoro.
Later on, Maya Died, and Michelle disapeared.
Not knowimng what to do or how to react to the sudden disapearance of Michelle, Akoro threw himself into helping out Sord with a problem with Cloe, and a few other things.
Akoro is now Married to a Kitsune named Hiroshi, and has three children, part elf, and kitsune. It has proved an interesting life.
He is now retired from the Dragon Order of Milander, and only really makes an apearance every so often.
Age: Same as Akoro.
Calis is Akoro's twin brother. While he is still semi new to the nexus, he is a peaceful white Magus. He practices souly in the calm soothing magics of the High Elves where he lives. In Contrast to his Twin. He had his hair colored, so that people could tell the diffrence between him and Akoro.
Like his two other siblings he went back to Milander.
Being an elf of the white Magi type, he's as steril as a mule.
So he's never picked up a wife, and yet he still practices the chasteness of a male Priest. Meaning in short, he's never had sexual contact, yet if he were able to have sexual contact he'd never prodce offspring with a female.

Catalina Celest Hollister.

Name Catalina Hollister. (R.I.P)
Age: That is not to be known.
Sex: Female.
Likes: Peaceful scenerary.
Dislikes: Anything negitive.

Catalina was when I first introduced her, an original Character. At the time she had found her self in the Nexus after escaping some rather rough individuals. Government leaders of her world, which later was revealed as Our Present Day Earth, only drastically changed. Yet her Father, had ties to the world of Evangelion. So she and her two twin Children. (Eowyn and her brother. The brother played by Roland) Did have the requirements to pilot Evangelions.
She was bisexual at the time, but soon found an interest with Rayne. They married and lived happily. Yet it is unfortunate to report that after those many years she died in Raynes arms. The cause was of Aids. She had the flu at the time, and this only caused the Aids to weaken her further. I don't recall how she came by having Aids, but I felt she would need to be Retired. So she died. Rayne has since then Moved on and Married Skuld of Oh! My Godess.      

Eowyn Celeste Hollister.

Bio Four.
Name: Eowyn Hollister.
Age: Sixteen or Seventeen
Sex: Female
Likes: Gardens, dogs, boys, picking on her brother, and family in general.
Dislikes: AUTHORITY.

Background: Eowyn is and always will be a hollister. She was the typical teenager, and often liked to pick on her family and relitives. This included Krystal Rynn. (Played by Dustin ) She led a normal life, and learned of the past of her Mother and Uncle Eric. Eric had gone crazy and Kidnapped her. She was previously thought to have been murdered, or commited suicide after being kidnapped. This was not the case. She was simply hidden away and her memories of being a Hollister erased. She belevied that her real name was Catalina Celeste. (Her mother before marrying Rayne Hollister.) She now goes by the name Celeste to hide the fact that she really is Eowyn Hollister.
As to weather or not I'll ever use this character again, I don't know. During the Makuta Arc. She was turned into a biological weapon (Simmilar to Saikano) , by Rayne but I only used her once or twice after that. I really don't know if Rayne even remembers doing that to his own daughter.

Anita Serdonna

Name Anita.
Age: I'm an elf, you figure it out.
Sex: Female
Likes: Once sported a Crush on Nathan.(Played by Corvus) Is now involved with Celeste. (A godess character played by Quickshot)
Dislikes: People who threaten me. Or try to kill me, or hurt me, or anything like that.

Background: Anita is from Twill. She was sold into slavery by her Mother and father, (Full elves) To the God Chaos. Her arrival consisted of her having her hair a dark color almost black. But after the Makuta arc it had turned a silver/blonde color. She became ill. With an Elvin sickness. Whenever she used magic, her condition would get weaker.
Eventually She was taken in by Daniel Amsler. Who had her condition treated, with Yggsdrial bracelets. The only hitch, with this condition, is that she can't stay away from her now permanent home due to the bracelets. It's not so much as a cure. But a temp solution to the problem.   

Saraha Amsler and Cloe Serdonna

Cloe Serdonna. (R.I.P)
Age: Unknown.
Sex: Female
Likes: crafts, tea cerimonies, and other things like that.
Dislikes: Overly bossy mothers, and disputes within the family.
Cloe Serdonna is Anita's half siter. Also Full Elf. Though they share the same last name their fathers are diffrent. Cloe at the time when she first appeared in the Nexus was at the physical age of a 12 year old, and Anita's assistant back in Twill. Though she was actually royalty but I'll explain the royalty part later.
It was at Anita's insistance, that Daniel Amsler adopt Cloe as one of his own, as a favor to a friend. After this, she had lived with the Amslers for a better part of her life. Soon after she met, Sord, and Chalys. Got deeply tied up with them and often was found playing checkers with Sord.
When Sord was sent away,  she gave birth to a son. The result of her being Kidnapped, by a person simply known as Reelix.  
When Sord returned he was older. So knowing that she looked to young, she went home to twill. To have herself Aged by way of Elven magics.
She was then more involved with Sord since then.
Yet, even now she still has to deal with problems from Home. (See Leena Quickwind.)
Cloe has since died, in an epic battle after having turned Evil. For More Information see Dark Cloe.  
Saraha Amsler:
Age 16 hundred.
Sex: Female
Likes: Watever captures her interest.
Dislikes: Whoever pisses her off, or whatever that pisses her off for that Matter.
Background: Saraha was orginally the baby that Neff brought to life via Daniel Amsler. With his permission I took this character and turned her into what could possibly be the Nexus's biggest brat.
Given that she likes to pull the occasional practical joke, her reputation is not always what it seems.
Her Mother is Urd, and thus makes Rayne a new member of her family, considering that He married her Aunt Skuld.  
She has a given talent for inventing like her aunt Skuld, and this is occasionally met with disasters. One such disaster was a hover car crashing...
Yet at times she can be as perverted as her mother, or as nice as her aunt Belldandy. Sean (A character payed by Roland) is her cousin, and she does look highly up to him for the various adventures he has had. It was because of her that Sean found a girlfriend.
She's good at teleporting, (yet her landings after having teleported are quite comical) but her other skills in magic, aren't as well versed. In fact the Magic theory classes she took in her school, she found to be quite tediously boring. At her mothers insistance she cut her hair short, and on further insistance, dyed her hair bright green.  She is also noteably the only person that I know of in her home that has no wings. Real or spiritual.
Saraha has since moved to Milander for a period of time, returning looking much older, and sporting longer light brown hair, and a few distinguishing things about herself.
Under her left eye is a Marking, which is what remains of her past as a 12 hundred year old half godess.
For more information see (Ferran.)
When she came back, she admitted to feelings for her half brother Chiaro, and the two are frowned upon, but she's ready to throw caution to the wind. She is also Sterile, so the two may or may not adopt a child.  
Noteably, she now holds a teaching job in Trinity Falls Colledge, and wears upon her wrist an odd looking watch with a purple wrist watch.
Her current connections to Trinity falls is Tina Carson, who got her the teaching job, as payment for help researching ancient civilizations.  

Krista Gail

Name: Krista Gail.
Age: Unknown.
Likes: Is currently involved with Sean.
Dislikes: Unknown.
After recieving a phone call from Sean, the two went out on a date. Pretty standard stuff for a first meeting. Yet Krista's past in and of itself is filled with legends of a warrior with Wings. An Angel persey. *Note the Wings*
She's a mystery in and of itself. She plays the Violin, and often has dreams of flying. Sean for some reason thinks she is his ultimate half. The female version of himself. Also known as a reincarnation of the female warrior angel of her homelands legends. Yet she is still having a bit of a time trying to come to grips with this.  It might prove to be true, and yet, perhaps she isn't a reincarnation at all, but rather the Angel warrior herself.
After a few days of tryng to come to grips with what Sean told her, Krista had some prophetic dreams, and took to heart what they told.
So one night, in the nexus her and sean went to fight Ferran. (Se Ferran for more details) The end result in her becoming partially blind.
She and Sean now have two children, with bright Red hair.
Their names are Darryl and Felicity. Their named for old friends of Serrath, an Elf warrior Sord fell in love with, during his stay on Milander while he traied to Fight Dark Cloe.


I never did have any written stats for this guy. He was pretty much a one time character to start with.
So the following is what I had written up -rp notes for the ones involved.

The Cataclyst Legend.

In all elvin legends there is one similarity. One Elf of each race will be chosen as a Cataclyst for what is known as the Absolute Power. This occurs when there is an alignment of planets.

To oppouse each Cataclyst and their Master (Which is an Ageless Entity named Ferran who takes many forms) three Warriors are chosen.

Two are a couple. With reincarnated souls of absolute good. A male and Female. (In this story That will be Sean and Krista.)

The final warrior the one destined to be with the chosen Cataclyst. (That will be Sord.)

Each outcome had a diffrent ending.

Before in Milander Akoro’s home world, Ferran as a human had done this very thing, but he survived, and grew in strength. He then moved to Twill, inhabiting the body of Cloe’s Uncle.

For many years he planed and plotted. Watched those who were needed for his plan.

Now he has unleashed his will, as the Alignment starts takes place on the Nexus.

He has already Killed Sord, but the Fair Lady, the goddess from Akoro’s home world, saved his life, and the Life of Chalys, but considering that the death of Sord was infact a needed step to gain The Control of Cloe, things were already set in motion.

Cloe who at the time, was in peril of death, was on Eos.

When Sords death became known to her via a very strong bond of love, she grew angry in full force. Ferran then struck. Making her his chosen Cataclyst.

She has no memory of friends, and she gathers souls for Ferran, while Ferran waits as his powers grow stronger. She had already taken the souls of the medics on Eos and then disapeared.

While Ferran and The Fair Lady confonted each other, Saraha’s Soul was taken and she started to show markings all over her body. Think of them as permanent magical tatoos. Yet part of her soul, the godess half returned to maintain a vital contact as a Messenger of fate. (This is what I had destined her for to begin with.) It was her goddess seal that enabled it.

While it is aparent that others in the Nexus believe that there is no such thing as Absolute Power good or evil, it is apparent that this isn’t your typical all powerful battle. It is a centuries old legend that takes place every time the right alignment occurs, but each time it is somewhere else. Yet this time, it will happen in the Nexus. This is Ferran’s Last chance. He will be forever defeated, or he will be consumed by the power.

Now here’s some back story on Ferran.

He’s an ageless entity like the Fair Lady, in fact he was once the love interest of the Fair Lady, but he saw the uses of power for ill and evil ways. So The Fair Lady, by killing her mortal body, bound him to a ever repeating cycle, but with each location, he failed but survived.

He has been known by many names, and many forms. Ferran ofcourse is his true name.

Ferran’s motive for the gain of the Absolute power is simply to bring back the Fair Lady to the mortal realm. Mind you, it is the belief that once your mortal form dies, it is absolute, which means to be blunt, if someone dies they don't come back. That is, unless the PTB, think that person has a greater destiny.

He is a ruthless killer, and has killed people in many ways. His most popular method is possesion, where the victim acts like a puppet and is controlled by himself, and there is a tell tale marking under their left eye. Two people to date had such possesion. One was the elf assasin which was in truth, a kind, stuttering elf who did secretarial work. The Other was Saraha.

If one wants to find the true from of Ferran, you must keep in mind that he seeks you. If he doesn’t wish you to find him he won’t be found.

Yet if you were to meet him by chance he would have blue facial markings, and more on the rest of his body. That is the only way to recognize him.

They’re known as death markings in Akoro’s homeland, because these same markings will show on any victims that have befallen Ferran’s death curse. It is like a calling card saying, "I’ve collected their souls."


Leena Quick Wind.

Leena Quickwind.
Leena to be blunt, came from Twill, where Cloe and Anita came from.
She was the captain of an elite guard for the Kingdom of Twill, and was sent to the nexus in seach of Anita and Cloe.
Things then hapened.
Things which led her to abandon her loyaties to her kingdom, and entrust herself to Sord and Cloe, and Lucien. The Prodigy son of Cloe and Reelix.
In a way, Leena was Reelix's mother, by ways of adoption, and thus made her Luciens Grandmother.
Over a series of days, odd occurances happened.
Finally resulting in her death, after trying to fight Cedrik, which was the kind studdering elf that had been possessed by Ferran and posioned Cloe, after she and Sord had gone into hiding.
It resulted in Her death, by a grisy means, thus making Lucien then a young toddler go into shock.
She sacrificed herself for her princess and her grandson.


Dark Cloe, in essence is the shell of her former self.
She is the puppet and tool, of Ferran, who ended up dying a grisly death at the hands of Sord, as was pre ordained by a set destiny.
When she was finally released from Ferrans spell, thanks to Krista and Sean she had no memory of who she was, all she knew was that she was going to die, and didn't want to die alone.
Upon her death, those souls which she had taken for Ferran were returned and the death markings all vanished. Save for on Saraha.
Yet the story on why her's remained is on part, not mine to tell, for the character responsible for making all of them save one finally go away, is not a character of my own.
But by Blue Jay.

All Characters are copy righted to CaldinaMerdona. aka C.Ariza.
Images are copyrighted to the orginal artists, but revamped by myself.
Sources, include Errant Story. 
Oh! My Godess.
Also orginal Stories written by myself.