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Desperate Times.
Desperate Times: Notes.
A shattered Crystal: The Return of old Enemies.
Death of a Queen: Death of a Heroine
Umino Helps out! Tanya and Tasha caught in a Trap!

The World is in grave danger.


In a Time just before the Dark Moon Kingdom attacked Crystal Tokyo, Two girls were sent to it's Queen to train to become Senshi.
At that same moment, their mother, a servant of Beryl, revived Jedite and started to plan to finnish what Beryl had started so many years ago.
Filled with Gunslinging antics, Kickboxing punches, and Senshi galore, Desperate times is the tale of what Happened before the Dark Kingdom Had attacked.   


Desperate Times is a Sailor Moon Fanfic.
Writings are bound to change over time.