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Desperate Times.

A shattered Crystal: The Return of old Enemies.

Desperate Times: Notes.
A shattered Crystal: The Return of old Enemies.
Death of a Queen: Death of a Heroine
Umino Helps out! Tanya and Tasha caught in a Trap!

A Fanfic By Crystal (Ariza) McDonald

(Note: There is at least one scene that is a flash back. So as not to cause confusion, it will all be in italics.)


Episode 101.

Reel One.

Op Theme: It’s New Day.


"Get out of here! If you don’t get out of here now you’ll die!" Sailor Mars screamed at the two girls, as she pointed at the exit that was now looming in their view in the temple of sliding paper walls.

"No way! If you think you’re just going to fight that guy by yourself, you have another thing coming!" One of the twin girls said. "If the temple is in danger, then we’re going to help!"

"Fools! This is beyond you! Sailor Moon is dead! The Crystal shattered in that battle with that guy! It is beyond repair!" Too many times it was destroyed... Mars thought wildly.

"Look sister, I know you think it is hopeless. But Tasha and I don’t." Said the other twin as she jerked her thumb over her left shoulder and made it clear that they weren’t going to bail on the very people with whom they owed their lives.

"I still think you two are in way over your heads. If that guy could smash the Silver Crystal with just one attack, what good could mere humans do? You two aren’t even Sailor Senshi!"

Tasha, the more prominent of the two twins shrugged.

"What’s your point? You’re a Senshi and you guys can’t do a thing to stop him. We’re fighting!"

Sailor Mars faced palmed, and shook her head. "All right already! Do what you want! Myself, I’m going in for one last ditch effort!"

The two girls nodded their heads. "It’s agreed then, we all go down fighting together!"

"Yeah Tasha! That’s what teamwork is all about!"

Sailor Mars had turned her back on the two girls. Even though she knew it was pointless for those two to even try fighting this guy, she couldn’t help but smile at their strong wills to help. Even if they couldn’t do anything. Little did she know, that those thoughts would soon prove to be very wrong!

Tasha looked at her sister, and smiled.

"Well Tanya?" She asked as she turned and watched Mars walk back into the building where the explosions still issued. The twin nodded her head.

"It’s better then nothing. One thing bugs me though, if the Queens dead..?"

Tasha shook her head. "Yeah I know. The Little lady ain’t gonna like that. She’s only a child for heavens sake!" Tasha paused and grimly looked at the sky.

"Kami Samma, what have you thrown us into now?" She whispered as she gathered her resolve and sprinted back into the building.


Sailor Jupiter was pinned against a wall. Her energy was zapped, and she was feeling weaker by the moment. Sailor Moon was dead, and the others had got their asses whooped. Gritting her teeth, she looked into the pale blue eyes of someone she had never met but heard a lot about.

"I never thought that after all this time that there would be so many of you." The man had said as his hand closed around her neck. "To think, three of you Sailor Girls were a thorn in my side. Now there are nine and the Moon brat had a kid. Just how long has it been since I was incased in ice?"

Jupiter turned her face away and looked at the other mortally wounded girls, who were all watching the scene. She was thankful that Mars at least took off to get the two girls to safety.

"Answer me you insolent brat!" The blonde man said as Jupiter’s body filled with pain. The guy had just used another close ranged attack on her. If there wasn’t a gaping hole in her body at the moment, she at least now had internal bleeding.

"I d-don’t know." Jupiter said as blood trickled down from the corner of her mouth. "I didn’t become a Sailor Senshi until Both you, and Nephrite were destroyed. Honest! I only fought against Zoicite and Kunzite!"

"Useless girl." Jedite said as he lifted the taller girl with a powerful amount of strength and flung her across the room. With a sound that made Mercury feel sick, Jupiter landed against a wall shuddered once and moved no more.

"You’re going to pay for that!" Mars snarled as she saw what had happened to Jupiter, when she returned to the battle. "It’s not enough that you had to kill Sailor Moon, but did you have to go and kill Jupiter too!?" Mars screamed as she pressed both of her hands together as wisps of energy gathered around her hands. Separating them, a line of fire flowed from them. Twisting around once and then brining her hands together as she once again faced her old enemy, she let loose a fire ball calling out.

"FIRE SOUL!" To her amazement, her old advisary only laughed. Mars gaped and tried again this time drawing a circle of fire around her, and calling up the Shinto orbs with it. "BURNING MANDALA!" Yet once again nothing had happened. Jedite was unscratched, and laughing like a gleeful child.

My god! He’s so strong! Was her last thought before pulling out an evil spirit charm. She concentrated her strength into that once piece of paper and then threw it at his head screaming, in a last ditch effort. "EVIL SPIRIT BEGONE!" She watched in anticipation, but before the charm could even be remotely effective, she watched as it burst in flame before her. The flames were the same color of Jedite’s eyes.

"It’s so nice to see you Miss Rei." Jedite said with a cold smile. "Look what these years have done to us... You a more powerful acolyte of the Shinto religion, and me, why I’m stronger then you! As I was when you first took me on with your stupid crows!" Jedite said as he raised a finger and pointed it at her. "I should have killed you when I had the chance." A concentrated amount of blue energy gathered to the tip of his finger and he sent it flying towards Sailor Mars. It hit her square in the chest, and she went flying into the wall.

Gritting her teeth she got up, and again called upon the power of her ruling planet. Lifting her left foot and holding a bow of Fire, she pulled back her other hand and called out. "MARS FLAME SNIPER!" The arrow of fire, that was formed flew at her target, and as she prepared to attack again, she saw that Jedite had dodged it and sent another blast of energy at her. Anticipating this, Mars jumped into the air and dodged it, sending another arrow of fire at Jedite. It missed, and Mars was now completely out of strength. Landing to the left of him, she could do nothing but watch as Jedite, still laughing, prepared to finish her off. She sat on her heels, tears falling from her eyes, hands gripped into tight fists. Once before she had sat like that, and she had died. But the powers of the crystal had brought everyone back. Yet now, it was destroyed, and with that gone... Mars didn’t want to finish that thought.

Kami Samma! I’m going to DIE! Her mind kept screaming over and over. Yet a resolve, and a new energy had made her look her killer in the eye. Shaking her head she stood up, faltering once as a hot pinprick of pain shot up from her foot, and up to her knee. Her leg was broken, but even then she could feel it healing, albeit, slowly.

"We defeated you before! We will beat you again!" Mars said with gritted teeth.

"Oh I don’t think so Sailor Mars!" Said Jedite, as he prepared yet another attack...


Tanya and Tasha, twins with hazel eyes, and light gray hair pulled into French braids watched the scene.

"He does seem to be immensely strong." Tanya said as she bit her lower lip. "He made quick work of Jupiter and Sailor Moon."

Tasha gripped her hands into fists. "Well, lets go and help them before they’re all dead." She said looking at the scene unfold.

"Yeah, sure. Okay, and just how are we going to be of any help huh?" Tanya demanded of her sister. "We’re just emissaries of the Sagittarius Star Colony."

"We’ll have to think of something. Come on lets go!" Tasha said as she leaped into the air and landed a flying kick at Jedite on the face. Causing his attack to hit a supporting wall in the temple. Narrowly missing Sailor Mars.

Tanya shook her head, sighed, and followed suit. From beneath her long navy blue trench coat, she pulled out two guns and shot at him like she were a trigger happy cowboy. When she was done with her little extravagant entry she jumped into the air and flipped landing behind the foe that the Senshi were having so much trouble with.

Mercury watched as the two twins attacked Jedite with an abandon. They were fast blurs, as one kicked and the other used guns to distract him from harming the others, one after another. In between each rest that each twin took, the other would pop up and attack him with their own varied attacks.

It was when the female gunslinger landed in front of her, did she realize that these two girls were the two that Mars had thoughtfully saw to safety. She blinked when the gun slinging girl spoke to her.

"You’re a Senshi right? The Tactical Defense Officer?" When Mercury nodded the girl smiled. "Good! Look, Tasha and I will be okay. We can fight him off long enough for you, Mars and the others to escape. It’s the only way any of us can and will survive. Scan Jupiter over there. See if she’s still alive. As for Sailor Moon..." The girl faltered. "We’ll bring the body back to the palace."

"You’re crazy!" Sailor Mercury said. "You two can’t fight him off all by yourselves!"

"Look lady, you guys have wounds that are taking longer to heal then your standard issue bumps and bruises! You guys are a liability! If you all die who will protect the Little Lady huh?!"

Mercury grimaced, and then nodded her head. "Okay. Your right." She said turning to her Data Computer. At once she started to scan the vital signs of Jupiter. All the while wondering how these girls knew all about them and Chibiusa.

"Jupiter’s wounds are healing as we speak. Yet she’s unconscious. Some one has to get to her before one of Jedite’s insane attacks kills her for good." She said after a moment.

"Gotcha!" Tanya said popping up and letting lose another hail of bullets at Jedite, and leaping over Jedite to Jupiter’s side. Tasha taking note of this automatically figured out what her sister was trying to do.

Save the Senshi, and therefore Small Lady still has the protection needed. Right I got you covered Tanya.


Sailor Mars was dumbfounded. The two girls had such strength and stamina. She just couldn’t believe her eyes. Looking on like a spectator she gasped when Tanya came landing right in front of her, grabbed her hand and yanked her forward so that Mars found her self in an iron grip hug.

"Okay Lady, time to regroup. You’re the last person who needs to get out. Look I know you want to fight this guy, but as you can see your temple home is about to fall in over our heads! My sister is providing the cover, I already got Moon and the others out, so lets go, go, go, go!" With that the bewildered Mars found herself several miles from the temple. Tasha close behind.

"How the hell?" Mars asked as she gave the others a bewildered look.

Tanya shrugged. "It’s called teleporting."

"I know that, but how can you guys be so powerful, and... It’s almost like your Senshi in your own rights!" Mars sputtered.

Tanya looked at Tasha and giggled. "Actually, that’s why we were sent here. To get training to become such. You see, when we were little unexplainable things happened to us. So the ruler of the Sagittarius Colony decided to wait until we were old enough to gain training. The Queen was informed of this. I guess she forgot to tell you guys."

"Knowing Usagi, that is probably what happened." Minako said as she returned to her civilian form and looked at the body of Sailor Moon, whose fighting attire kept switching from her regal dress, and back. "Ami, is she really..?"

The blue haired genius tapped away at the keys of her mini computer and looked to the others. "Her wounds are healing, and there is a small sign of life, but without the Silver Crystal to heal her completely she just might die."

"Well, at least she is alive. Is there any way at all to help her?" Tanya asked as she knelt down next to Jupiter who was now waking up. "I mean, the Little Lady isn’t old enough to assume her rightful place yet. Last I was informed, she nailed Luna with a bucket of water for stealing her tuna fish sandwich.

"Well..." Ami said scanning the others next. "Sailor Pluto could send someone to the past and bring forth our past selves again. Perhaps the silver crystal of the past could help."

"That’s all well and good Ami, but doing that kind of mission is also dangerous. What with timelines and all. The only way I can see it working is if Pluto herself goes this time around. It sounds tricky and hard to accomplish, and it leaves the Gate unguarded but it’s really the only option we have." Said Sailor Mars as she transformed into her civilian form.

"I KNOW!" Minako said as she looked at the Twins. "Lets give the Twins a trial of Time! We send them with a letter to give to our past selves! That way they know they’re not lying about the situation here. It’s easy, it’s functional, and Pluto stays to guard the gate. That way we can regroup in the palace and defend it from that blonde jerk. I mean, at least that way Crystal Tokyo won’t be at risk." The other girls looked at her.

"ARE YOU NUTS!" Thundered Rei. "THAT’S UNCONCIVABLE! They might get caught in a time warp or worse! They’re our guests, and they don’t have any training at all!"

Humph! They’re talking about us as if we aren’t here! Was Tanya’s main thought as she watched the proceedings.

"Touché, but you know, they did far better against Jedite then we did back when we first went up against him. Oh sure, he was controlling planes, and we managed to get him run over. Yet he obviously survived. Makoto, didn’t he say he was encased in ice?" The brunette nodded her head, as she looked from Ami to Rei.

"He sure did Ami. My guess, is that he must have returned to Beryl and she iced him because he failed to destroy you guys."

"You are probably right. So he’s the soul survivor of Queen Beryl’s Negaverse. As they say, kill the witch and all spells she cast are broken. I’ve just one question. How did he get so powerful?" Asked Minako as she wrapped her arms about her self and tilted her head. "Without Mettallia or Beryl to provide the dark energies, where’d he get these strong powers from?"

"Good question, and I intend to find out!" Rei snarled, "Jedite is going to pay for doing what he did to Usagi!"

"Why Rei, I didn’t know you cared." Retorted Makoto in a friendly, and playful fashion.

"OH SHUT UP WILL YA?!?" Rei said as she bent down next to the limp body of Usagi who had been placed on the ground over Tanya’s long trench coat. "It’s true, we may not get along all that much, but she showed me friendship. If it weren’t for her, I’d probably have lost my grandfather to the Negaverse. Not only that, she’s just too innocent and sweet to watch her die like this."

If any of the other girls had focused on Rei’s face, they would have seen the single tear that fell from her left eye. If anything, Rei was the most effected by the turn of events.

"DAMMNIT USAGI! I WON’T LET YOU DIE!" Rei said as more and more tears fell from her eyes. "You just hold on. You’ll be okay soon." She said after a few moments of silent rage filled tears. Standing up she turned to her fellow companions. "Come on! Lets get her to bed, and try to think about what to do!"

"Right!" The others all agreed.


The tactical room was filled with somber faces. The outers were off in a corner, while the inner Senshi were trying to break the news lightly to King Endymoin, and Small Lady. Chibiusa’s face crumpled into a sour face when she learned of what happened and ran from the room. She was later found in the Queens chambers curled up in the fetal position next to her mother. She refused to leave her side.

If a passer by were to peek in, they would hear the pink haired girl talking to her mother about how she had better not die. That they still had lots of secrets to share, and where would she be but lost if her mother died. These kinds of conversations would sadden the passer by, because these laments only landed on deaf ears and echoed off the walls.


It was a matter of moments before Jedite realized what had happened. He found that the temple was about to cave in on him and that he was alone.

"Damn." He muttered as he used his new found powers and winked out of the area to a hill that over looked the Crystal Palace. "I’ll bide my time Sailor Senshi. I will get my revenge."

When Jedite had awoken after the ice had finally thawed he had found himself all alone in the deep caverns of the old Negaverse Base. He was weak at the time, and he recalled how he had often wandered around in a daze, thinking only of the idea of revenge on the three Sailor Senshi that had sent him packing to Beryl defeated. He had spent days contemplating how to do this when a woman with long messy green hair, cold hazel eyes, wearing what looked to be a black sheet as a dress approached him.

He recalled that she said her name was Elenda, and that she needed his help. She then proceeded to tell him of the defeats of all Sailor Moon’s battles up to that point, and that she was the last of a race known as the Masters. Apparently, she had been the soul confidant of Beryl, and she too had survived the many years living off the stray energies of animals, and the occasional human that wandered into her path.

After several more moments of this conversation, Elenda revealed what it was that she wanted to do.

"You are familiar with the Sailor Senshi yes?" She inquired while she motioned for him to follow her in the twisting dark caverns.

"I am rather familiar with them Elenda." He said looking at her from the corner of her eye. "It was because of those brats, mere little girls that Beryl froze me in ice."

Elenda held up her hand. "I was there. No matter, you see there are now Ten Sailor Senshi, and Ali and Ann, the two aliens that Beryl had converted to the dark side shortly before her downfall have been cleansed of all negative energy. The new Queen, yes the Princess has created a utopian view for all of earth. She’s married the Prince of earth, now the King. Has had a child and has opened alliances to a far off galaxy with other alien races. In a short view, life’s been pretty dull. Of the evil forces of Beryl, you and I are the only ones left."

Jedite stopped and regarded the woman and slowly made his response. "So what is it that you have planned, if this Queen has such a force of Senshi, what could you or I do?" The girl smiled a cruel smile.

"I’ve found something. It can give you a very strong power. In fact it is the very strobe that Beryl once coveted. Over the years it has recharged itself. You can gain new powers, that will make you strong enough to destroy the Key to Neo Queen Serenity’s powers." Jedite blanched.

"You don’t mean to say that they found the Silver Crystal?"

The woman nodded, and began walking once more. "Indeed they did. Shortly after you died, Nephrite took over for the search, but failed and a coup de gras was performed by Zoicite. Nephrites weakness, was that he fell in love with a 14 year old girl. Thus providing the way to destroy him. After that the search for the Rainbow Shards, pieces of the Silver Crystal with a shadow warrior locked into each piece were hunted out. The end result, was Zoicites destruction, for not following Beryls orders. Of course the Prince of the Earth was brought back here, and brainwashed. It all leads down to the fact that Beryl was a very stupid woman. Everyone was defeated and destroyed. Save you and I. You were incased in ice, and I, well I was off on other duties for Beryl and wasn’t on earth at all. I was informing Ali and Anne of the prospects of earth energy for their Doom Tree."

"I guess a lot has happened since my downfall." Jedite mused. "So what’s your plan?"

"Oh, my plan is simple. Kill the Sailor Senshi and then destroy the earth after you and I have collected all the energy this world has to offer. Your first strategic move will be to attack Sailor Moon directly, and aim for the compact on the front of her chest. I’ve studied her moves all these years and learned that, that is where she keeps the Silver Crystal."


Tanya and Tasha were sitting in one of the many kitchens in the Crystal Palace having a private conversation.

"Do you think we should tell them?" Tanya said as she looked into a brown coffee mug, filled with a bitter sweet cocoa. "I mean the Masters are behind this aren’t they? That power has all the signatures of Elenda if I ever saw it. It can’t be a coincidence."

Tasha sighed as she too looked into a brown mug filled with cocoa. "Yeah, your right. Thing is, Elenda is our mother. I’m just glad Dad broke free of her spell and got us to safety."

"Tasha, that is another thing that worries me. We know Elenda is the Last Master, that she’s our mother. I really don’t know what to say except, it could be possible that our powers of teleporting and our agility and strength came from her." Tasha snorted.

"You’re right about that, but dad..."

"The King.."

"Saved us, and sent us here thinking we could use those powers..."

"To stop Elenda once and for all, by becoming Senshi, and asking the aide of The Queen."

Both grew silent, for a few moments.

It was a cautious Tanya that broached the one subject that bothered them the most.

"She’s near death, and the crystal is shattered and beyond repair. I’m worried that if we tell them they might see us as potential threats." With robotic motions Tanya got up and placed the now empty cups in the sink, washed, dried and put them away. Turning she saw the Small Lady looking at her wide eyed, while Tasha continued the conversation.

"I’m worried about that too Tanya! But the letter that Dad sent to Neo Queen Serenity informed her of everything! But she forgot to tell them! All they know is that we were sent here for training! The Queen herself sent a reply inviting us to be her guests here! You read her letter, it said..." Tasha trailed off as she pulled out an old tattered piece of paper that was pink with white bunny heads all over it, and continued. " I will be happy to train your two daughters, King Tronnel. It is my hopes that with the proper training, that their powers will become stronger, and if channeled correctly all negative traces will be removed. Only then will they be full fledged Senshi. I’ve already chosen names for them as well! They will be Sailors Astral and Comet. Not only that, they will also be given special tools for their use, and additional training to merge and become Sailor Sagitarious! A most powerful Senshi to protect your kingdom from the threats of this Elenda Woman."

Tanya didn’t say anything, but rather pointed behind Tasha. The other girl turned and saw Chibiusa. The girl even though wide eyed, was smiling!

"Err ah..." Tasha said as she quickly refolded the piece of paper, and continued. "I.. That is we thought that you refused to leave your mothers side?"

The pink haired child nodded her head. Then scurried over to the table and sat down in a chair.

"I got thirsty and hungry. Once I’ve had something to eat and drink, I’ll go back to Mommies room." The girl paused, and looked at the two twins. "Is it true? Mommy invited you here? I... I overheard what you said."

Tasha nodded her head. "Yeah, here’s the letter to prove it." She said handing it over to Chibiusa. The girl carefully unfolded the paper and scanned it. Then grimaced.

"Yep, Mommy wrote this. She can’t spell worth beans, and the writings really messy. Not only that, the paper is from her old stationary stash from high school." The girl confirmed.

Tanya was busy looking through the cupboards and found a stash of chocolate cookies, and then raided the fridge and found a 2ltr of Milk. Grabbing a tall glass she poured the milk, grabbed a small plate and arranged four cookies on it. All the while saying. "Okay so you know about our little predicament. What’s your opinion about the whole mess Little Lady?"

Chibiusa bit her lip, and watched as Tanya brought over the cookies and milk, and then replied. "I think you should show Daddy, and the others the letter, and tell them what you know. Rei and the other girls always said Mommy was a good judge of character, about goodness in peoples hearts. So if you show them the letter it might help with convincing them. Besides, if you know anything about the man that attacked Mommy, and how he got the powers he has, it could prove an asset." Chibiusa paused as she ate a cookie and took a gulp of the milk. "What do you know about him, or this lady Mommy mentions in the letter?"

Tanya sighed as she leaned against a wall with her hands behind her head. "We know that Elenda is our mother, that she’s probably Beryls Heir apparent, and that the man Jedite, got his powers from her. Why she is attacking people here, you know about as much as I do. In other words, We don’t know."

"It’s a start." Chibiusa said. "Why don’t you come with me to talk to Daddy about this? Right now he’s in the living chamber. He wanted to be alone, but I think this is important. The sooner he knows about the situation, the better."

"You know kid, you’re pretty smart for your age." Tasha said grabbing a cookie herself.

Chibiusa smiled at this. "I have Mercury, that is Ami Mizuno to thank for that. She’s my tutor. I know mom was really ditzy when she was a teenager, but if I’m to assume the ruler ship, I should be well versed in every subject." She said as she finished her milk and stood up. "Come on lets go talk to Daddy."


The Living Chamber was in fact the only place in the entire place, that wasn’t large and spacious. Fashioned after Endymoin’s old apartment, it was small, and held the small economies. In all respects, all the furniture down to the stereo was from his old apartment. The only thing that wasn’t from the old apartment was the bathroom and the kitchen, and the framed photograph of a family.

In this photograph two adults were smiling and laughing. While between them, was a child of about three wearing white shoes and a miniature version of a female School fuku. It wasn’t the royal family, at all. It fact it was another family that they had recently declared diplomatic ties with, soon after Crystal Tokyo was formed.

The family in the photograph came from the Nebula sector of space. The girl had short purple hair with pink and blue highlights, while the adults had long flowing hair, that was tied into a loose approximation of a ponytail near the center of their backs. The only thing odd about this family was the fact that the adults were green, and had ears that tapered off into points.

The child, on the other hand, looked about as human as Chibiusa. The king was looking at this photograph and smiled. The theory was that, the silver crystal, had granted an underlying wish of the female Alien Ann. Which was to have a child. Though it could not be proved, it was a high possibility due to the medical records Ami kept on the girl. This child had a high healing rate, and was completely human, and had no trace of either Ann or Ali’s alien blood work. It was a mystery. One might say they adopted the child, but Ami could easily disprove that theory, as she herself had taken part in the birth of the child.

Some other Palace workers once said that the child could have been Endymoin’s, from the time when Ann was chasing after him, but that too was easily disproved. As he would quite often say, "Why would I do that, when I wasn’t interested in the girl? I thought she was completely crazy!" To which the Queen would say,

"Sure, r-i-i-g-h-t. If I remember correctly, you had no memories of who I was, who you were, and you thought I was crazy too!" To which the King would rub the back of his head and reply.

"Blame Beryl."

So the methods of how the child came to be was never known. They just chalked it up to one of the many mysteries of the universe, and accepted the fact that Ali and Anne now had a human child, who could change the color of her hair at will. Which was a mystery in itself.

It was while King Endymoin was contemplating this mystery that his daughter Chibiusa peeked her head into the place of his solitude.


Ami Mizuno was busy at her tactical station scanning the readings from her mini computer, into the larger scanning base when she came across the readings she had done on the two twins. Biting her lip she read the readouts to herself.

"Interesting. The power levels of these two girls have an eighty percentile of negative energies, while the other percentage is positive energies." She said as she scrolled through the information. It was then that she noticed something odd. "Hold on a second here. Jedite’s Power levels are similar. No wait they’re the same!" Making note of this, she printed the information up and left her station, looking for the King of the Earth.


"So that’s why they’re here Daddy. Mommy wanted to train them, and in the hopes, purge the negative energy from them." Chibiusa was explaining, when Ami Mizuno burst into the room.

"Mamoru! Mamoru! I have something important to tell you! It’s about the energy readings I scanned in that last fight! It seems, that our two guests have the same energy as that of Jedite. It’s a very high reading..." Ami faltered.

"So nice of you to talk about us like we were some common monster." Tasha said as she plunked herself down on the couch. "Your smart Ami, but he already knows. Fact is, that’s part of the reason why we came here. Our father, wanted us to be purged of these energies." Chibiusa who was sitting on her fathers lap nodded agreement. "They even have proof! They have a letter from Mommy!"

Ami looked at the people gathered in the room. "I see." She said as she slowly sank onto the only remaining sitting spot. Which was the bed. "So, you’re not here to distract us from Jedite’s true goal?"

"Why would we?" Tasha said as she looked grumpily out the window. "We saved your sorry carcasses. If we were to distract you all we would have let him kill you all!"

Ami blinked. And I thought Rei had a temper. She mused. "Okay, I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions. I’ve just one question, why do you have negative energy like that of Jedite?"

Tasha remained silent, while Tanya answered.

"It’s a theory really, but we think he got those powers from Elenda. Former Queen of our colony, and our mother. It’s a long story, but our father sent her packing, and well now were here. Mom, I mean Elenda must have come here, and found Jedite. So yes, technically, we’re children of the Negaverse, but also Children of a peaceful kingdom. It’s..."

"It down right sucks!" Tasha said getting up. "That woman! That Elenda nearly had our kingdom destroyed! She said we could all work for Beryl. Said her Mother worked for Beryl, and that she too was working for her. Dad would have sent us there, except that one day he realized just how evil Elenda was, and sent her away. I’m glad he did. If he didn’t we would have been dead, or worse!"

"Worse being?" The King of the earth asked, who until that moment was silent while the others had talked.

"Worse being, that the Sagitarious Colony would have been your next threat to earth!" Tasha snapped. "Ten thousand men at arms, if not more. All highly trained in the art of magical, and physical hand to hand combat! We know your history of this place so far. It seems that wherever it’s peaceful and beautiful, that’s where the first strikes of war are made. In this case, Earth, Crystal Tokyo, Japan. History repeats itself."

The room grew suddenly silent. Something she had said, had a profound effect on the others. Something about History repeating itself.


End Episode 101


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Desperate Times is a Sailor Moon Fanfic.
Writings are bound to change over time.