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Desperate Times.
Desperate Times: Notes.
Desperate Times: Notes.
A shattered Crystal: The Return of old Enemies.
Death of a Queen: Death of a Heroine
Umino Helps out! Tanya and Tasha caught in a Trap!

"When you want to write, do so. Just don't force it, let it flow like a river from your mind."

I got the idea for this story, shortly after I re-read P.S.S.A. It was written by my proverbial net brother, and best pen pall, Devin "The Kid" de Gryul. Not only that, it was his well written imagery, and strong characters in his series, that challenged me to write a story to the best of my abilities.

This Story has nothing to do with my other two series I worked on in the past. -Those I view as my worst ever. How I wish I could figure out the site my friend made for those...- In any case, I decided to create twins, and place them in the height of a battle. Rei being the opening character. Gradually I hammered out the back story, and the reason why the twins had come to Crystal Tokyo. Also I used an old favorite of mine, Jedite. His death in my view, was never complete, so what better way to start off a story with a bang? I’ve actually used the idea of bringing the Generals back before, but this time it is only Jedite. (Yes I know the idea is over used, but hell, I’ve always liked the guy.)

To make his re-appearance more believable, I placed a female character, Elenda, at the point in the story where Jedite recalls life after he thawed out after a few thousand years or so. Give or take that is.

Elenda is Tasha and Tanya’s mother, and Beryl’s soul confidant. Her back story is simple. While on many errands for Beryl in space, she met the king of the Sagitarious Quadrant of space. They fell in love, rather he was influenced by the dark powers of the Negaverse. They wed, and had twins. After the defeat of Beryl and other such evil characters, the power of darkness waned, and the King realized just what kind of predicament he was in. (The king is a good character. )

After having used his own armies and guards, he sent Elenda packing, where she learned of the events in the whole series to date. During all this, Jedite thawed out, and she bided her time and watched, waited, and found something which wasn’t destroyed in the battle with Beryl. It is this object that provided Jedite with the power to make the first strategic move.

The rest just took off from there. I hope you have enjoyed this. It took me a week, and then some as I went back and added more to it. Mainly the battle scene with Rei.

Desperate Times is a Sailor Moon Fanfic.
Writings are bound to change over time.