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Desperate Times.
Death of a Queen: Death of a Heroine
Desperate Times: Notes.
A shattered Crystal: The Return of old Enemies.
Death of a Queen: Death of a Heroine
Umino Helps out! Tanya and Tasha caught in a Trap!

A Fanfic by C. Ariza

*note: I cannot remember what Greg’s Japanese name was. Also I deliberately used the North American name for the General. Simply because, I felt that the N/A personality was the one I wanted to show. Also I have to thank Devin for the idea for the Silver Crystal. He put me down a suitable path after a discussion on what to do. Also because it was his idea to begin with, Ami Mizuno, (His favorite character) did a little name dropping.

Now on with the story.


Episode 102

Reel One

Op theme


"Jedite!" Called Elenda as he returned from his semi successful mission. "You’ve returned." She said with a coy smile, "How did you fare in your mission?"

Jedite leaned against a rough rock wall and looked the woman over. "I destroyed the Crystal. Just like you said would happen. I would have made quick work of the others, but these two girls. Twins, came out of no where, and before I knew it everyone was gone and the temple was about to crash in on my head."

"Were they Sailor Senshi?" Elenda asked as she sat down in Beryl’s old throne.

"No they weren’t. In fact one girl used guns. Spectacular skills I’ll add. The other looked like she took a profession in kick boxing. They were quick and efficient."

"This is interesting." Elenda said. "No matter, you’ve managed to destroy the Silver Crystal. Now all we have to do is take out each Sailor Senshi one by one. By using their weaknesses. Our First Target, is Sailor Mercury. Her weakness is love letters, and it’s well known that she was only ever interested in one guy. His Name was Greg."

"I really don’t see how these facts will help." Jedite said as he looked at Elenda.

"You’ll see. For now I want you to do the following." She said as she smiled a soft yet cruel smile.


The Queen’s face was pale, and this worried Rei.

"Usagi, please, wake up." She muttered to herself, "Don’t you understand just how much we all need you?" Her words fell on deaf ears. There was now a massive mechanical device hooked up to various parts of her body. Monitoring her life signs. The steady beep reassured Rei that her friend was still alive. Sighing, she put her head down on her arms that were wrapped around her knees and listened to the steady beep, beep, beep, beep.

She must have fallen asleep, because when she next lifted her head, her heart gave a jump of wild panic. Her ears were ringing, and there was a steady sound. It wasn’t Normal. All she heard while she sat there frozen in shock was the loud beep that never stopped. The device had flat lined. Flipping open the device on her wrist she could barley choke out Ami’s name.


All over communicators went off, and everyone heard the noise.

"Oh no." Ami said as the noise dawned on her.

"Shimatta." The King swore.

"..." Minako just looked at the floor.

"N-no." Makoto said as she punched and kicked a near by wall. "Without her, we’re... NOTHING!"

"Oh fuck." Haruka said as she leapt up out of her chair and looked at Hotaru, Michiru, and Setsuna. After hearing what Makoto had said. "Usagi is dead."

Chibiusa was numb with pain. She tore down the hallways, slipping and tripping. When she reached the room that Rei and Usagi were in she grabbed onto the doorframe and looked. Sure enough the line of the device was flat.

"DO SOMETHING REI! GET AMI! JUST, DO SOMETHING!" She yelled and screamed. "It might not be too late!" The young girl said as she ran over to her mother and started to pound on the woman’s chest. "She could still be alive! Don’t just sit there and do nothing!"

Thump, Thump, Thump.

Rei watched with morbid fascination as the child kept hitting her mother on the chest. Saying words, that she couldn’t comprehend. She’s dead. She can’t come back. Usagi is...

"Wake up mom! Wake up! Come on, you have to protect me. What about your promise? We were supposed to go to the beach!" Chibiusa cried as she slowed down with her assault on her mothers chest. Each attempt more weaker then the last. "You can’t die! YOU CAN’T!" The girl was reduced to tears.

Rei was numb. She got up took Chibiusa in her arms, and left the room. She met the others in the hall. Tears now falling freely from her face. "Ami, I think you better..." She trailed off, as she looked down at Chibiusa who was clinging to her neck, crying for all she was worth.

"Hai." Ami said, taking on a stiff tone, as she stepped into the room. The others were standing in the hallway, waiting for the declaration of death.


Beep, beep, beep, beep.

"Nani?" Ami said as she was drawing the sheet up over Usagi’s face.

Beep, beep, beep.

"Her heart?" Ami said as she took out a stethoscope from her pocket space, and yanked the sheet down. She examined her friends body. Sure enough, she heard it.

Buh bump, buh bump, buh bump.

"Her heart! It’s beating!" She whispered in amazement. Staggering against a wall she called out for the others. "Minako, Makoto, Rei, Haruka! Oh just everyone! GET IN HERE!" She didn’t need to say anything else when the others entered the room. She simply pointed at the device.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

"Thank you, Kami Samma." Whispered Rei who looked down at Chibiusa. Suddenly her mind rewound the events and realized what Chibiusa had done. "Small Lady, you just saved your mothers life." She whispered. "Thank you." Silent tears of joy were streaming down Rei’s face.

Chibiusa was fast asleep.


It was bright, and colorful. Spots of color burst like fireworks, and Usagi opened her eyes. She found herself lying on a marble floor, and gasped when she remembered the last thing that happened to her.

"Am I dead? Have I truly been defeated by an old advisary Mars, Mercury, and I defeated so long ago?" She got up to her knees and looked at her hands. They were wrapped in red ribbons, and on further inspection she found her entire body in the same condition. Standing up, she raised her hands to her head to fix her hair and realized that her normal hairstyle was not in place. In fact it was down. "That’s right! After Jedite attacked me, the initial blast of the other attacks on the rest of the team destroyed the hair shields. That’s why my hair is down." Usagi sighed and gathered her hair and started to braid it quickly and let it drop over her left shoulder. When that was done, she decided to explore the place she was in.

There wasn’t much to the place, a few pillars, and one solitary door. Usagi looked at the door, and the intricate cravings on it’s frame and blinked, as a sudden memory of that very door resurfaced after many years.

"This door. It leads to the throne room back on the Moon Kingdom." She said pushing it open, not knowing what was in store for her.

"So you swear an alliance to me Prince Chiba of earth?" Asked an all to familiar voice. Usagi looked around and saw only shadows, that looked like people she knew and loved but couldn't remember who they were. Yet two shadows she knew by their voices.

"Yes. Queen Beryl was relentless in her attack on earth, and destroyed everything. I was lucky enough to escape, but my Mother lost her life in the effort."

"So Sailor Earth is dead?" Asked the shadow that sat in the Chair that Usagi could see perfectly.

"Hai. She said that if my survival meant her death, then her death would be welcomed." Prince Chiba of Earth said as he looked away briefly. "She sent me here, in order to warn you, and to help out in any way possible. She also said, to Protect the Princess."

The Queen got out of the Throne, and walked towards the young prince.

"Your deeds are admirable. Terra would be proud." She said taking his hands into hers. "You had best go now, go see the Princess. She has been waiting a long time for you." The Queen said, as she let go of his hands and turned towards a window that held the view of Earth.

"As you wish." Prince Chiba said as he turned and left, literally walking through Usagi herself. There was a rush of cold air and Usagi hugged herself shivering.

"He never told me his Mother died to save him." Usagi said watching the fading shadow leave.

"Your Majesty, there are reports of a building power on earth. Also, the transference device is complete. Now is the only time to prepare the Silver Crystal, regretfully, after this is done, the use of the Silver Crystal will kill you."

Usagi turned, and shook her head. It was another guard, and this guard looked familiar as well, yet she couldn’t place the name. The Guard was female, and had an oddly shaped hair style. Shaking her head, Usagi turned from the room and left.

"Why am I here?" She asked herself. I’m in a place I used to live in, and I’m seeing shadows of people who were once alive.

Usagi kept exploring, and soon found herself standing underneath a balcony, and watched a scene she herself was apart of and started to cry.

Just as she turned away, she saw two cat like shadows streak past her into the door she had just left.

"Luna, Artemis." Usagi said, as she hugged herself again.

Then it started. The shouts the yells, the looming shadow that decimated everything, her home, her friends, and herself. Now there was only the Queen and her two cats. Usagi watched, and cried helplessly knowing that she could do nothing.

The Queen was dead, and everyone was locked into the Crystal, and sent to Earth, One Thousand Years into the Future to be reborn and live in peace.

Usagi was alone, and she was afraid.

Are you really alone?

Usagi blinked, as she realized that she heard the voice inside her head. She also realized that it was the voice of Queen Serenity..


"Okay, so Chibiusa unknowingly gave her mothers heart a jump start. So she’s still alive. Just unconscious. Yet like Ami pointed out before, without the Silver Crystal, her chances are very slim. Perhaps we should be thinking of a way to speed her recovery." Makoto said as she looked at the other girls around her.

"Well, lets look at the facts here. We know that if the Silver Crystal is used to it’s maximum power that Usagi dies. It’s happened on many occasions." Ami said as she started to type up a storm on her Mini computer. "For example, the battle with Beryl. She faced her alone, but her wish to have her friends by her side, and to be a normal teenager in a time of peace was granted. Thus we were all brought back to life, and our memories erased. Along with every other memory of the entire population. Thus we all lived in peace, that is until Ali and Ann showed up." She said looking at the others.

"I get it!" Makoto said. "We still subconsciously felt the urge to protect Sailor Moon from the Minotar! Enter Luna, and poof, we remember the whole story."

"Correct Makoto Chan, lets continue. After Sailor Moon healed the two aliens, The four sisters and other enemies of the Dark Negamoon appeared in the past. Brining forth what would have been the toughest battle to date. This is where we learn that Chibiusa, held the key to Sailor Moons survival. Which was the Silver Crystal of our time. Which had somehow reacted to her wish to be a real lady and concealed itself in her body. Thus Two Silver Crystal’s cancelled out each effect of death upon use, and granted each wish." Ami said, and she found what she was looking for. "Yet that all happened when we were all in high school. It’s now the 30th century, and the Dark Negamoon has yet to attack us. So there has to be a way to bring it back to it’s original state. Ah here it is, the readings I made of the Crystal each time it was used. Each reading seems to indicate that it’s sentient."

"Hold on a second Ami, back up your train of thought here. Are you telling us that it was alive?" Rei asked as she crashed into a chair, looking like Ami had sprouted wings, three heads, and two sets of extra arms. Ami nodded her head. To confirm what she had said.

"Well not really, but it does have some really interesting readings. I remember a time an old friend of mine who was an exchange student from America named Devin, debating with me about spectral phenomena. He seemed to believe that certain objects could contain a soul or entity. Considering the things I’ve seen, and the possessions of many innocent people at the hands of Beryl, I’m starting to think that his theory is correct. It’s not alive per se, but it does house a soul..."

It was Luna who finished the thought.

"Ami, I think I understand. Who in our past on the Moon, could possibly have a soul in the Crystal, and bring all of you girls. That is the Inner Sailors to the ruins of a once great and wonderful Kingdom, with the help of a certain wand and the Silver Crystal?" It dawned on the others.

"Queen Serenity! Usagi’s mother!" They shouted all at once. Luna nodded.

"Bingo." Said Mercury. "So here’s the plan..."


Greg, Ami’s rival in school, and potential love interest was walking down the streets of Crystal Tokyo. He was thinking about the recent flashes of future sight he had. The flashes he had, disturbed him, and that was why he was heading towards the Crystal Palace.

"Got to tell Ami. Got to tell the others." He said as he tried to hurry past crowds of people.

"Oh I don’t think so. You were once a Shadow Warrior right?" Said a voice from above him. Greg looked up and glared.

"You won’t Hurt Sailor Mercury. Not as long as I live! I can see the future, and it says that I’ll be able to warn her before you can even make a move Jedite." He said, as he looked directly at Jedite.

"Elenda was right, you have maintained your old Shadow Powers, even after that Moon brat healed you. No matter, I’ll deal with you quickly." He said as he raised his hand and collected a large massive amount of power into his hands. "DARK ENERGY!"

"Your arrogance will be your downfall, creep!" Greg said as he stepped to the right of Jedite’s attack and ran down an alley way. Thinking wildly that if he could manage to get to the Palace and warn Mercury and the others, that things would be okay in the end. Little did he know that Jedite’s original plan was changed drastically to what he saw as the future.


"Ladies, there is someone here to see you." Said a male guard over the Palace security systems computer. "He says he must speak to Sailor Mercury at once!"

"Show me a visual, John." Said Ami as she tapped into the system.

"Certainly, Miss Mizuno." The guard said as the view switched over to a man wearing a brown leather coat. Ami recognized him right away.

"John, let him in. He’s an old friend of ours." She said trying to conceal her joy.

"And an old love interest." Minako whispered to Makoto who sweat dropped and shook her head. It was at that moment, that Ami let out a gasp.

"Greg! John, get him in here NOW!" She yelled into the voice com system. "You had better do it quickly, I think he was attacked!"

"Right away Miss Mizuno!" The visual was switched off, and Ami turned to the others. "Guess who’s back for round two guys. I saw him above Greg and the next thing I knew Greg fell over."

"Well, this is just great." Rei said as she lifted her hand into the air, called out her transformation phrase, and transformed into Sailor Mars. The others followed suit. "Mercury, how far away was Jedite?" She asked as she flicked several dials and pushed several buttons.

"Two or three steps away from the Field border." Mercury said as she took her place next to a large crystal formation and grabbed the hands of her fellow Senshi. "If we act quickly, we can get the field up before he crosses the thresh hold."

"I knew it was a bad idea for Usagi to make this place so huge." Rei muttered as she took her position. "Luna! Hit the converter button NOW!" She screamed as a pulsating energy shot into the Crystal.

All over Crystal points reacted, and a magical barrier was created. Just in the nick of time. People in the palace watched, and knew that their days of peace were over. That a new threat had come to earth. They hurried in their tasks and headed for their shelters. Waiting for the attack to be over, while the men of the families went to the armory, waiting for their first orders.


"Must tell... Mercury..." Greg said as John carried, half dragged him down the hallways to Ami Mizuno’s medical treatment room. "Must tell her, that Elenda has... Beryl’s... Strobe..." He said no more as his body went limp.

"Ah man, don’t die on me now. Mercury will have my hide if you died on me!" He said slapping Greg in the face lightly to see if the man would respond. John was lucky, because Greg’s eyes fluttered open and he looked at John.

"No, I’m not dead yet. You just get me to a place I can lie down. I’m suddenly very tired, and you know, I think I have a few broken ribs..."

"Right away Sir! We’ll have one of Miss Mizuno’s helpers look at you. She’d probably do it herself, but I think she’s currently working at her second job right now."

"It’s... Okay. I know she’s Sailor Mercury...." Greg said as he smiled and pointed weakly at himself. "Bunpo... Psychic powers... Sailor Moon... Healed.."

"No shit! Your one of the Crystal Carriers!" John said as he doubled his efforts. "You just save your strength Sir."

"Call me Greg."

"Okay, just save your strength Greg. Don’t talk. You may be even more hurt then you think... Look, here’s a nice soft couch you can lie on, I’ll go and get some help." The guard said as he hurried down the corridor. Greg slumped into the couch, and slowly lowered his head onto a pillow. His vision grew foggy, and he remembered little of what happened next. All he could really focus on was the fact that even if part of his visions had come true, the part with Jedite at the palace, was horribly wrong.

"I’m too late..." Were his last words as he too fell into an unconscious state.


Jedite surveyed the strength of the field and just for kicks sent a few attacks at a few Crystal Points to see the reactions. Satisfied, he closed his eyes, and made mental contact with Elenda.

"He’s in the palace, and I did as you asked. He should be reverting in an hour. The field is strong, but it seems to be lacking in some of it’s strength. You were right, the Crystal does lend some of it’s powers to the field."

"Excellent." Elenda said. "Now we wait, to begin Phase two." She said and the connection was cut off.

Jedite smiled to himself. "Say hello to your friend Sailor Moon when you die Sailor Failures." He said as he vanished into a warp hole back to the Negaverse’s old Base. Leaving behind him several Crystal Points shattered and ruined. Half of the defensive system had been destroyed.


Elenda paced in front of a mirror. It was dark and held no reflection. On it’s edges were carved words.

The tall woman took a breath, and read the words. They were not in any language known to man.

"Elintal dolatic curroptis portalis monstralic Comelat!" She said as she turned her face away from the dark mirror as swirls of red and black filled the frame. "Surfalitic turbilat fortalt seralitc!" Over and over she said these words, and gradually, with each phrase and sentence, a creature came forth and took it’s place in the large room.

Elenda was creating her army, and the creatures all came from the darkest reaches of space. They were her followers, and they would do the dirty work.


Luna turned on the monitor system and surveyed the damage.

"Looks like his appearance was a distraction tactic. He’s gone now, but a few of the Crystal points have sustained heavy damage." She said as she turned to the Senshi. "I think it’s safe to take down the field, and I’ll issue the order for repairs to be done."

Mars and the others sighed in relief, while Mercury tapped into the main computer system.

"John?" She called out, "how is he?" She asked not even covering her deep concern for Greg.

"Well Ma’am, he’s being tended to. Miranda says that he’s sustained three broken ribs on contact with the attack, has a minor sprain in his left ankle, and several scrapes and bruises. The scrapes would probably be because I couldn’t really carry him, and well, carpet and skin don’t mix." The guard said sheepishly. "He’s unconscious now, and that’s the good news. The bad news, is that Miranda detected some type of virus in his blood work and it’s spreading fast. It isn’t even in any of the known medical books."

"I see, well thanks for getting him the help he needed John. I’m on my way to the medical wing right now." She said and signed off. Turning to the other girls she frowned. "You don’t mind do you?" She asked them.

"Not at all Mercury. You go to him." Sailor Venus said, "We’ll start on that plan for the Silver Crystal." Mercury smiled as she raised her left hand to her chest and returned to her doctors uniform.

"Thanks." She said as she turned and headed out the doorway.


"What’s going on?" Usagi asked the voice in her head. "Do you know why I’m here?"

Let’s start at the beginning. I can only contact you in your mind because I had to transfer myself into your body. After the Silver Crystal was destroyed, I didn’t have enough power left to survive. As for why your here, that’s simple deduction. We’re in your mind, and what your seeing are my memories, and yours. Basically we’re stuck here.

"Well that’s just great. What am I, err I mean what are we going to do now? I simply can’t just go back to my friends can I?" Usagi asked as she played with one of the many red ribbons that hung off her body.

At the moment, no. Without the Silver Crystal, I can’t go back either, and without that you can’t heal or regain your powers. I’m afraid you might actually lose them.

"Bummer." Usagi said as she looked at what seemed to be a starry sky, filled with a million lights heading towards earth and flashing one by one. "After all this time, all of Luna’s training, and everything. Only to be defeated by some Negaverse Lackey. I thought we finished him off years ago!"

Indeed. It was an unfortunate turn of events. Yet perhaps there is still hope. Perhaps your friends can find a way to revive the Silver Crystal.

"Maybe, that’s about the only thing We’ll have going for us if it’s possible. So I guess we just watch our memories unfold over and over. It’ll be like watching re runs of M.A.S.H."


Ami took a blood sample, and started to study it under a microscope. "This isn’t good." She said to herself as she sat back in her chair. Turning to the computer system, she turned on the Com unit.

"Ne, Mamoru Chan, could you come to the medical wing please. There’s a few things I’d like you to look at." She asked as she picked up another vial of chemicals and poured it into another sample of blood.

"Sure. What’s up?" He asked.

"Well, I’ve been studying the rate of this unknown virus, and I got to thinking. So I started to test Usagi and Chibiusa’s blood. It seems that Chibiusa’s has a very high healing rate. I mixed some of it with Greg’s and the virus seemed to vanish. I’d like to test yours, because Usagi’s had only a fraction then that of Small Lady’s healing rate."

"Okay. If you think it’ll help." Mamoru said, "I’ll be there in a few moments. I just have to finish up with the guards here in the Briefing room." With that Mamoru turned to the guards and pointed towards the door. "You have your orders! Post yourselves at your assigned locations and wait for your instructions from Sailor Mars!"

"Yes Sir!" They said and hurried out the door in two straight lines. Mamoru then made his way to the Medical wing.


Sailor Mars looked at the others.

"Well, lets get this started." She said turning on the Com System. "Attention all guarding Units! Attention all guarding units! This is the head of the armed forces, Sailor Mars. The Sailor Senshi will be busy for several hours trying to bring back our beloved Queen, and leader Sailor Moon. Your instructions are as follows! If the City or the palace is attacked while we are away, do everything to protect Small Lady, and the King! Sailor Mercury will also be here to give you tactical advice. I’m counting on you to do your jobs! Over and out!"

"Wow, you really barked out those orders, Mars." Sailor Venus said as she turned off a near by computer.

"Somebody has to do it. Why were you online?" She asked pointing at the computer. Sailor Venus chuckled.

"It was the only way to get a hold of Umino. His phone was busy. He still hasn’t switched from dial up to Satellite Modem."

The other Senshi just hung their heads, while Sailor Jupiter muttered.

"He’ll always be a nerd, won’t he?"


Ami Mizuno looked up from her most recent tests. "Just as I thought Mamoru Chan. The healing ability is 100 percent in your system. Sadly I can’t make a vaccine for this Virus. Your blood types just don’t match."

"That’s to bad Ami." Mamoru said as he too looked at the effects of the blood samples in the various scientific dishes. "It would have been great if you could, at this rate Greg would be in perfect health." He said sadly. "I’m sorry my blood type doesn’t match."

Just then Greg sat up screaming in pain. Both Ami and Mamoru turned to look as Greg clutched at himself in a fierce bear hug. He turned to look at them and gritted his teeth.

"They have the strobe! Beryl’s strobe!" He then doubled over and fell off the clinical bed, and curled up into the fetus position muttering about how everyone in the palace was in danger.

Ami, grief stricken at seeing Greg in this state had run over to his side, trying to sooth him, but he pushed her away with what seemed to be a very strong energy attack. Ami went flying across the room and landed on the blood samples, and other medical supplies and was knocked out cold! Mamoru had only enough time to his the emergency alarm, when he too was struck down and was knocked out cold.

All over the palace the guards readied themselves to protect Small Lady, the king, and the prone body of the Queen. The Sailor Senshi though, had already left!!


Jedite chuckled as he watched an explosion that came from the medical wing.

"I should have brought some popcorn." He said as more explosions were heard, and guards were quickly defeated by the large creature that was now wreaking havoc within the Palace. "I don’t even have to do a damn thing! All I have to do is sit here and watch from the comforts of home! It’s just like cable television!"

One guard was heard asking the skies above his head.

"Where’s Sailor Mercury?" Before he was struck down and killed. Jedite laughed gleefully, as he watched all of this from his Negaverse home.

Desperate Times is a Sailor Moon Fanfic.
Writings are bound to change over time.