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Desperate Times.
Umino Helps out! Tanya and Tasha caught in a Trap!
Desperate Times: Notes.
A shattered Crystal: The Return of old Enemies.
Death of a Queen: Death of a Heroine
Umino Helps out! Tanya and Tasha caught in a Trap!

A Sailor Moon Fanfic by C. Ariza.


Episode 103

Reel One.

Main Op.


"What the HELL is going on here?!" Yelled Tanya as she lurched from the room she shared with Tasha and looked wildly around her as smoke, and bodies of dead guards went flying past her face. "Oh, that’s gross!" She said as one dead body landed on her.

"Yuck!" Tasha said as she helped Tanya get the body off and pulled her up. "Let’s go see what’s going on!" The girl said as she cracked her knuckles. "We didn’t get any screen time in the last episode, so I’m itching for a fight!"

Tanya sighed and placed her left hand on her forehead, rubbing away some drool left behind from the dead body guard. "That may be so, but doesn’t this sound more like a job for the Sailor Senshi?" Tasha looked at Tanya and practically strangled her.

"What, were you sleeping when Mars made the announcement? They ARE NOT HERE! The only one here is Sailor Mercury, and by the looks of things, I’d say that the bad guys already took her out, and the King with her!" Tanya blinked and grabbed onto Tasha’s hands.

"Okay! I get the point, so would you let me ago?" She asked, as a loud noise issued from the room next to theirs.

"What was that?" Tasha asked, letting go of Tanya’s neck.

"How am I supposed to know?" Tanya asked as she looked at her twin.

As if on cue a large creature with scissors for hands came crashing out of the room.

"Bunpo!" It said as it looked at the two twins and unleashed its scissors right at them.

"I guess that’s our bad guy!" Tanya said as she pulled her sister by the arm and turned around and ran down the hallway to the tactical room. Bunpo giving chase, launching it’s attacks at their feet.

"Hey, why are we running?" Tasha asked as she looked over her shoulder at the creature.

"Because I don’t want to get my head chopped off! Seriously Tasha, you may be itching for a fight, but I think we better find Sailor Mercury! At least that way we have a ... Oww!" Tanya trailed off as she looked at her arm and saw blood, turning, she looked at the creature. "Okay, so perhaps running away isn’t such a great idea, but you, you made a big mistake buster!" Tanya seethed. "You. Cut. My. ARM!"

"Shouldn’t have done that." Tasha said shaking her head back and forth.

"You are so going to pay for that!" Tanya Snarled as she reached into the depths of her trench coat.

"Oh, now she’s mad. You really, really shouldn’t have done that!" Tasha said as she looked at her now enraged sister.

"I may not be a Sailor Senshi, but what I lack in Sailor Uniform, I more then make up for with my gunning abilities!" Tanya yelled as she pulled out two plain looking guns.

"Oh boy, now your in for it! She’s lost it, and now she wants to see you dance!" Tasha said as she shook her head back and forth as Tanya then crossed her arms.

"I’m going to love watching you dance..." Tanya said as she pulled at the triggers in rapid succession. Bunpo did all he could to dodge the lighting fast bullets that were aimed at his feet.

Tasha sighed and did the only thing she could do. She prepared herself to provide back up when Tanya needed to reload.


Ami opened her eyes, and the first thing she heard was a hail of bullets from out in the hallway. Sitting up she saw, to her surprise, that Greg was gone, and that there was a huge gaping hole in the wall.

Taking a chance, she peeked into the hallway and saw, Tanya letting loose her anger on a creature she thought gone from her life since Sailor Moon had healed Greg.

Standing up slowly, she lurched towards her lab coat and pulled out a blue stick with a handle on it. Lifting it into the air, she transformed and became Sailor Mercury.

"Now, to try to get Greg back to normal!" She said, wondering how it would be possible without the Silver Crystal.


Meanwhile, the other girls were crowded around a computer in a messy bedroom.

"Can you help her?" Asked Sailor Jupiter.

"I don’t know. This is the first time that any of you have come to me for help. Usually it’s the other way around." Umino said, as he pushed his glasses up his nose. "Further more, I don’t know if any of my scientific knowledge can be of any use."

"Get with the program Umino!" Sailor Mars said as she pushed a stack of Manga off the bed and sat down. "We’re only asking you to scan this piece of Silver Crystal. Sailor Mercury said that you knew a lot of different types of Crystals, and that you were our best candidate! What we want to know is what type it is!"

Umino blinked and looked at the shiny piece of stone that they had presented him with. "So that’s like some type of magical stone that Sailor Moon relies on?" He asked. Mars gaped and shook her head, trying to control the urge to set his computer on fire, and end his days on the internet for good.

"Look at it this way." Said Luna who had gone along with the girls. "It’s a piece of history, and if it can’t be repaired, this utopia world that we have now may very well be destroyed!" Luna had jumped up onto the desk and looked right into Umino’s eyes. "Further more, I had my orders not to do this, but I see no choice in the matter. Recently, Our Queen remembered a person who had once helped her mother back on the Moon Kingdom. He originally created the Silver Crystal. The strange thing was, he had a son, who looked exactly like you!"

"Say what?" Mars asked as she looked at Luna. "Are you telling me that Neo Queen Serenity thought Umino lived with us back on the moon, over a thousand plus years ago?"

"That’s exactly what I’m saying! Also, I remember the Queen Serenity herself saying that the Scientists son had helped him in perfecting the powers of the Crystal. That’s why I had orders not to revive his memories. He could prove to be a liability to us, but also useful to our new enemies!"

Umino meanwhile was having a hard time believing that a bald spotted cat was talking. His glasses had fallen off, and he looked a little green under the collar. All that talk about Crystal Tokyo being destroyed, and him being some long lost son to a famous scientist on the Moon was just a tad bit much. Eventually, he fell out of his chair, and while looking for his glasses, grabbed Sailor Jupiter in a most ticklish spot, which resulted with a very large footprint on the right side of his face.

Sailor Venus sighed and after having helped Umino back into his chair and handing him his glasses, that almost got busted under Mars’s high heel, asked Luna a very pressing question.

"Do you think a Luna Mind meld might work?" The cat nodded her head. "I do have a few memories of our head scientist and his son, I’m hoping that it might wake up that part of Umino. If it works, then he could probably repair the Silver Crystal. That is, if he was told the entire process."

"That’s a real gamble." Said Sailor Jupiter as she looked at Umino. "Think you mind?" She asked Umino, who still looked a little perplexed. The only answer they got was a series of noises and grunts. Umino, to say in the least was shocked. So Luna preformed the Luna Mind Meld for the third time in her life.


"I’m out of bullets!" Cried Tanya as she re-holstered her guns and turned to Tasha who was crouching not far away. "Looks like your up. I need to reload!"

"Wait a second!" Called out the voice of Sailor Mercury! "That’s not only a monster! That’s my friend Greg! He’s one of the few people who know who we all are! Of course, I thought the Dark Shadow was banished from him ages ago!" Tasha looked up and shook her head.

"So what your saying, is that Edward Scissor Hands over there is your boyfriend right?!"

"Girls, can we talk about this LATER?!?" Screamed Tanya who pointed behind Sailor Mercury. "Even if he is your boyfriend, he looks about ready to kill us all and everyone else in this entire Palace!" Mercury looked behind her and saw what Tanya was pointing at.

Bunpo, forgetting about his girlish companions, had found some more targets to play target practice with, and his new targets were the Small Lady and her female cat guardian!"

"Crap!" Tasha yelled as she did a series of gymnastics flips and managed to jump over Bunpo’s head and land in front of the Small Lady and scoop not only her, but the cat into her arms and start to high tail it out of the danger zone.

"Let me guess." Chibiusa said, as she looked at the blurring walls go past her. "The Palace is under attack right?"

"You got it Small Lady. I’m here to make sure you live through it!"


Meanwhile, the girls were all waiting for the effects of the Luna mind meld to take effect.

"It’s been about forty minuets already. How much longer?" Sailor Mars asked while she read a Sailor V Manga. "... Wow! King Brad gets killed!"

"Oh I read that one already. Wait till you see what happens to Sailor V!" Sailor Venus said as she thumbed through another Manga. "The nasty witch decides to throw her into a..."

"I can’t believe you two!" Sailor Jupiter said as she looked at the other two girls. "Haven’t you heard the conversation I had with Sailor Mercury?"

"No." Sailor Venus put in. "Why?"

"You two are a real couple of space cases. The Palace is under attack! Mercury, Tanya and Tasha are doing all they can, but by the looks of it, all they can do is pretty useless! They need us, and they need us now!"

"Then here’s an idea! Since you’re pretty strong you go. Bring the others with you. Just don’t let Saturn use any of her attacks. The King is still paying for the repairs from the last time the Palace was attacked, and Sailor Saturn used her Silence Glaive!" Sailor Venus said.

"Oh, no kidding about that. It was well over a million yen." Sailor Mars commented, as she thumbed a bit further into the Manga she was reading. "Oh cool! King Brad isn’t dead after all! It was trick to throw the Queen off the trail! That’s a relief..."

"I can’t believe you two! We’re all going! Luna can take care of Umino! We’re needed and that’s the end of it!" Sailor Jupiter said as she opened the sliding door to the patio and booked it back to the palace.

"Man, who put vinegar in her coffee this morning?" Sailor Venus asked.

"I don’t think it’s because of that." Sailor Mars said. "I think it has a lot to do with the fact that all this Sailor Senshi stuff has gotten in the way of her dating schedule." Sailor Mars said as she grabbed two Manga’s that she failed to collect when she was in high school. "I don’t think Umino will mind if I borrow these?" She asked out loud as she magically dumped them into her pocket space.

"Oh come on. You and I both know, that all guys remind her of her old boyfriend." Venus said as the two vacated Umino’s bedroom. Sailor Mars even closed the sliding door to keep the cold out.


Back at the palace, Tasha and Chibiusa were now safely hiding in the tactical room.

"Tasha Chan, I think you should go back and help Sailor Mercury and your sister. Gun’s don’t exactly defeat possessed humans." Chibiusa said as she sat down in a chair and expertly called up the monitor screen. "Both of them are getting their asses kicked."

"I think your right." Tasha said, as she prepared to teleport back to the fight. "Oh, and I think you shouldn’t use that bad potty mouth language. It’s not very becoming for the Neo Princess is it?" She said as she winked at Chibiusa, and vanished in a literal puff of sparkly smoke.

"I guess she’s right." Chibiusa said turning back to the monitor, to see if the sound system was still working. It was, so she turned that on and watched what was happening.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!" Sailor Mercury said as she sent forth a blast of water and ice at Bunpo. "I really hate doing this to him! If only Sailor Moon were here with the Crystal. She’d be able to heal him!"

"Yeah, well she isn’t! So we have to deal with this ourselves!" Tanya said as she reloaded her guns. "We don’t have a Silver Crystal, and we don’t have Sailor Moon. So it’s up to US to get your boyfriend back to normal."

"Hey! Don’t tell me you guys thought we wouldn’t show!" Said the Voice of Sailor Mars as she suddenly jumped next to Tanya. "Sure we’re a little late, but we’re here now!"

"We’re late because you had to read the back issues of Sailor V Manga you missed out on." Sailor Jupiter said as she too appeared closely followed by Sailor Venus. "We’re all here now, so lets get this fight over and done with!"

"I’m here too!" Tasha said as she teleported into the fray. "I had to take the Small Lady somewhere safe first." The girls all turned and looked at Bunpo.

"Time to get Greg Back to Normal!" Sailor Mercury said, as she clenched her fists.


"I can’t believe you did THAT Umino!" Luna Fumed, as the effects of the Luna Mind Meld wore off. "Of all TIMES AND PLACES! In the CONTROL ROOM, with Princess Serenity’s Lady in Waiting!"

Umino blinked and shook his head.

"How was I to know that Queen Beryl was going to attack?" He asked as he started to rummage through his piles of Manga books for his book on Crystals and rare stones.

"That’s not the point! It was because of your behavior that the Main shield of the Moon Kingdom FAILED! If it were up, we might have defeated Beryl, and we wouldn’t have had to send everyone to Earth!"

"Oh be quiet Hairball!" Umino said as he looked at the piece of Silver Crystal. "Consider yourself lucky that I’m even the right guy! In other words, I do know how the Crystal was originally created."

"Oh well then, that is good news!" Luna said as she leapt off the cluttered desk. "So how long will it take to repair it?" She asked.

"Can’t. You need a whole new one, and that will take a week give or take. Longer if I use the equipment I have on hand." Umino said as he dug around his desk for other supplies.

Luna was literally in tears. "Of all the.." She growled. "We need one and we need one FAST!" She said spitting and hissing in her anger over what Umino had said.

"Look, hairball, I happen to know of a Quartz type stone that can be used as a temporary Crystal. All I need to do, is melt it down and melt down this piece of Crystal here. Fuse em together and poof. Temporary Crystal!" Luna blinked and swished her tail.

"So just how long will that take?"

"About four hours, possibly longer. Is there anyplace where I can get to the proper equipment?" Luna sighed and nodded.

"Yes. The Mercury School of the Sciences. It was a school that Sailor Mercury decided to place her money in. It’s been almost as popular as the old Esai Juku School for the gifted. Only it has more at each students disposal."

"Right! Lets go!" Umino said as Luna and him ran out the door and out of the apartment.


Taking this moment to go back to where the others were, things were looking kind of grim. Short of their attacks and other things not working, the girls were practically arguing with what to do with Bunpo.

"My Venus chain won’t hold him for very long guys." Venus said as she gripped one end while the other end held the Yoma Bunpo in an iron tight grip. "Think of something quickly!"

"Well this is just great." Mars retorted as she brought out an evil spirit charm. "This is our last chance. We might be able to stun him, like that time I did with Grandpa when he was first changed, but I seriously don’t know for how long." The girl said as she held it in front of her face.

"Needless to say, it is better then doing nothing!" Sailor Mercury said as she readied another shine aqua illusion attack. "Stun him, so I can place him in an ice block. It’s the best we can do for now. After that, we’ll have to figure out a way to get him into the dungeons to keep him at bay. I don’t want to kill him, so this is the best we can do."

"Gotcha." Mars said as she ran forward and slapped the Charm on Bunpo’s forehead. Quickly moving out of the way, so that Sailor Mercury could get her defensive attack over and done with. After having that done, the girls stood around contemplating how to move the overly large yoma popsicle.

"How about a teleportation?" Volunteered Sailor Jupiter as she looked at the other girls. "With Tasha and Tanya, I’m sure we’d be able to pull it off. They do after all have that ability."

"Good point Jupiter," Mercury said nodding. "let’s do that and then get back to getting that Silver Crystal Fixed!" They all nodded and took positions around the large iced yoma and grasped hands.

"Everyone close your eyes." Sailor Venus said instructing them as she took on the role of leader in the absence of Sailor Moon. "Concentrate on the inside of the dungeons and this should work. Tasha and Tanya, concentrate on lending your powers to us."

Desperate Times is a Sailor Moon Fanfic.
Writings are bound to change over time.