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Sands of the Dead
Chapter Three: Calis the White Magi.
Chapter One: The Task.
Chapter Two: Day One, Choosing a Weapon.
Chapter Three: Calis the White Magi.

Chapter Three: Calis the White Magi.

Chapter Three: Calis the White Magi.

Calis looked like his brother, but that was where the similarities ended. While his brother had a love for fighting, Calis had a love for defensive magics and learning the ways of herbalisim to prevent unnecessary death by poison.

It was a good profession, considering that it had taken him years to study the ways of the long forgotten White Magi, of the Northern lands. Yet learning these ways, had in fact had a price. That price being, he could not get a woman pregnant, and thus he was bound by the ways of the White Magi to practice extreem self control to not have sexual intercourse.

It was early morning, when he was awoken by one of his fathers servents to tell him he had a visitor.

"Who is the visitor?" He asked as he pulled on his white robes with silver trim, and then went to the wash basin to splash his face.

"It is the young Serrath. Akoro’s friend." The young human girl said as she bowed by the door looking at the ground, so as to provide Calis the privecy needed to get dressed. "She says she wishes to retrive the anti venoms for the Jumping Spider, and Vipsis Snake of Antiquity woods."

"I see." Calis said as he patted the young girl on her shoulder. "Please take Serrath to the Common Room, and ask her to wait while I go get the needed supplies." He then breezed out the door and headed down a long hallway to his room of study.

Serrath waited in the Common room as told and looked at her surroundings.

"Frell, it has been a long time since I was in here as a child." She mused as she looked at a hand painted picture of the Tamala Family. "Almost three hundred years." She muttered as she remembered the old days as she and her friends used to run around the large house laughing and screaming in sheer fun as they played whatever game struck their interest. "Things sure have changed."

"That they have Serrath." Calis said as he stood in the doorway holding a small square basket in his hands. "You came here for anti venoms?"

"Yes. I’m going to Antiquity Forest on the commands of Woodra, the great fourth Dragon of our Home. He has charged me to bring back the Staff at the center of the Forest." Serrath said as she turned and looked at her old friend.

Calis nodded and swept into the room and placed the square basket, on the center table and opened it. "I assume you will want the Liquid form then. Most effective for the bites of the Vipsis snake and the Jumping Spider. Yet I’m going to include a book on Herbalisim in case you may need it for other emergencies. It will prove helpful if you can identify any plants with healing properties for wounds, or fever."

"You have my thanks Calis." Serrath said, as she took the basket in her hands and opened the basket to look at the contents inside. "I know this journey will be long, but I am hopefull that I will be successful."

"I am hopeful too. Woodra has been rather choosey about his candidates, and your the first one so far, in at least two hundred years, he’s given this last task to." Calis said as he placed his hands inside his robes pockets and looked at Serrath. "It will be nice to see four best friends in charge of the order."

Serrath smiled and closed the basket, and placed it in one of her inside pockets. "I look forward to this too." She took one last look around the Common Room then back at Calis. "I’ll miss you my friend."

"And I you." Calis said as he pulled her into a hug, and then stepped away, and turned walking back through the door leading to the steps to his upstairs study. "Good luck." He whispered. Absolute knows, you’ll need it, he thought as he stepped slowly up the stairs.

The Origins Story of Serrath, and the Dragon Order. An Orginal Story.