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Sands of the Dead
Chapter Two: Day One, Choosing a Weapon.
Chapter One: The Task.
Chapter Two: Day One, Choosing a Weapon.
Chapter Three: Calis the White Magi.

Day One, Choosing a Weapon.

Akoro, wore a light weight tank top made out of a thin leather, with matching slacks as he worked out with a pair of crudely shaped daggers, in the shape of a cresent moon. Each held firmly in his hands, as he took elegent steps like a Tai Chi master, and swung his arms in slow graceful motions. With an air of calm, he worked on a serious set of moves, and ended the dance like moves with a bow, and set the blades aside by throwing them into the soft earth underneath his bare feet.

Taking a moment to walk over to the Water well, he made sure to take a look around at his surroundings, usually at this time someone would always show up seeking a weapon, for one journey or another.

Dipping his hands into the cold water he brought it up, and splashed his face and scrubbed the cool liquid on his neck with his hands, keeping an eye on the road leading towards the gate of his fathers house.

"Someone’s Comming." He whispered as he grabbed a towel to dry off his face, and then stood there. The towel draped around his neck. He watched, and soon the footsteps echoed on the cement, and and a cloaked figure apeared as if it walked out of mist.

He knew this cloaked figure, and he remembered when the figure first recieved the cloak. For you see, it was him, who gave the person in question that Cloak.

"So you’re actually going to take on the trial." Akoro said a while later as he was followed by the cloaked figure into a small equipment shed, that stood next to what looked like a personal smiths shop.

"Yes." The voice of the cloaked female figure said as she leaned against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest. "I would like for you to design a weapon that can be utalized in speed and close combat, but also a secondary weapon for distance shooting."

Akoro nodded and tossed the towel aside onto a wooden rack and without even taking a glance at the figure behind him, he selected a from a pile of various metals two long jagged pieces of Metal and a Long wooden staff.

"Give me Two hours." He said as he set his work fire alight and begane to set about heating the coals to a very intensive heat. "I’ll make you a double bladed quarter staff for close combat. As for long distance Shooting, you can take that Quiver of metal bolts, and the small Crossbow. Theres a Target Range behind the Smith house, if you feel the need to practice."

"Very well." The cloaked figure said as it turned and took the Crossbow and the Quiver of metal bolts. "I shall check on you in two hours." The female said as she turned to leave.

Akoro stood there his back to her, his eyes glazed over as he thought things over with his Dragon Companion Volcanis.

So she’s actually going through with the last trial. The fiery voice of Volacanis said within his mind as Akoro set to work, placing the metal into the fire, and heating it up.

Aye, she has. It will prove difficult. Antiquity Forest isn’t known for it’s beauty, but more for the dangers.

Does she realize that when she reaches the center, that the Soul Tree will ask her to show her worth?

I do not know, you old flame head. Now let me work, I have a weapon of her request to design and create, and it is very dangerouse work.

The Dragons voice did not interfear with his thoughts after that remark, and Akoro worked in silence. The sounds of metal clanging issuing from inside the Smith house.


The Metal bolt hit the center Target, and Serrath looked at it with a raised eyebrow.

"It’s efficent. Fast, easy to load, and it is Lightweight. This will do." She said as she walked towards the Target, a thing of crude design and pulled the bolt out and placed it back in the Quiver which rested on her hip. Taking a look around, she spied a tree and went to sit under it in its shade. "Two hours. He better make this weapon of good quality or I’ll cut his hair." She said as she closed her eyes and relaxed, while she waited.

Time went by slowly, and Serrath soon found herself remembering her childhood growing up.


"Aww Come on Rath." Felicity a young human child said to the fourteen hundred year old Elf Serrath. "We’ve been training for months now. Do you honestly want to forgo the Trial?"

Serrath looked at her best freind, and smiled. "I’m not ready for the trial yet. I’ll skip it for now, but don’t let me hold everyone else back. If all of you feel that you are ready for the trials the old dragons had devised, then I wish you luck." She said as she looked at the young brunette, and chewed on a blade of grass.

Felicity sighed and smiled back at her friend, who looked like a young fourteen year old with elongated ears, but was in fact older then herself. By at least several hundred years.

"Well, it won’t be the same without you trying for the fourth spot, but I understand." She said as she looked at the the dark cave that led to the various tunnels, and tests within. "Wait for us, okay?"

"Sure Licity. I’ll wait here till you come out. Your trial will be the longest." Serrath said as she gave her friend a hug. "Take care."

Serrath stood on the path as each friend of hers walked one by one into the cave. Her heart pounded, in anticipation.

Please be okay you guys. She thought as Felicity’s white cloak disapeared into the darkness of the caves. "Please, please come out okay." She whispered.


Serrath had fallen asleep, and Akoro was standing over her, his body casting a shadow over her face.

"You plan on opening your eyes at all Rath? Or do you plan on sleeping the rest of the day?" He said as he bent down to clasp his friend on the shoulder. "The two hours are up."

The cloaked figure lifted her hands and pulled her hood down and looked at Akoro.

"I was only resting my eyes." She said as she stood up, and took the cloak off. "I’ve been walking all day to get to your house. You could have at least offered me something to drink, Koro." She said lightly punching him in the arm.

"You could have asked." He said as he ruffled her hair and then stepped back and led the way to the front of the Smith house. "Your weapon’s ready, but you should test it first, make sure it has the right feel in your hands." He said as he picked up the double bladed staff and handed it to her. "Feels right to me, but you’ve always had a thing about having a lighter touch for swiftness."

"We’ll see how you fared Koro." Serrath said as she removed her cloak and walked out into the feild in the dimming light and took a fighters stance. She stood there for a few moments, her hands getting a feel for the grips around the wood part of her staff, and then begane to take slow deleberate steps, moving her arms as one, and swinging the weapon around to test its length and weight.

After a moment, she gripped it in one hand and she spun it like a deadly baton. Holding her free arm close to her sides as she too twirled, becomming a blur, save to those with a trained eye.

She did this till the light of Milanders Sun was gone, and its two moons rose into the dark blue sky and filled with stars.

Akoro watched her form and was rather impressed with her fighting style. Which seemed to be a blend of switft moves, and deleberate speeded steps to an intracate dance. She’s really improved the Dance fighting technique. He mused as she stopped and walked towards him, hardly a sweat breaking on her body.

"This will serve me well. You shall keep your hair." She said with a smile, "pity really. I was looking forward to chopping off that girly ponytail of yours."

"Come on." Akoro said as he handed back her cloak. "You wouldn’t have cut my hair, would you?"

Serrath took the offered cloak and put it back on, and looked at him with a serious stare in her eyes.

"I was actually quite serious, to tell the truth." She said.


The Origins Story of Serrath, and the Dragon Order. An Orginal Story.