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Sands of the Dead

Chapter One: The Task.

Chapter One: The Task.
Chapter Two: Day One, Choosing a Weapon.
Chapter Three: Calis the White Magi.

Chapter One: The Task.

The young Elvin woman wearing a pale green outfit, of light silk, stood barefoot on the cliff near it’s tip, shading her eyes from the harsh light of the setting sun. Her gaze followed that of the large creature with green scales, and large batlike wings.

This is it, she thought as the creature, a dragon, came closer. This is my chance to prove to the others that I can be a warrior as well. I’ve come this far, I can’t turn back now. The young woman stood her ground as the dragon flew low causing a strong wind to blow her long golden brown colored hair back from her face, as it made to land several feet away from her. She turned after the wind died down and walked forward meeting the dragons gaze.

You have completed the first of three trials elf. Said a voice inside her mind, that reminded her of breaking bark.

"I have," She said bowing. "I have completed your first three trials. What else do you wish of me?" She said standing holding a long wooden staff, in her right hand.

To know what your desire is.

The young woman did not break her gaze or look away. Nor did she hesitate in her answer. "My desire is to prove to the Order that I am worthy to be your chosen Guardian."

So I see, your eyes show determination. What is your name?

"My name," the female elf said as she gripped her staff, "is Serrath of Stone City. My three friends have already been chosen and proven themselves worthy of your dragon comrades. Darryl of Leviatha, Queen of the waters, Felicity of Airel, Queen of the Sky, Akoro of Volcanis, King of the Fires. I wish to be hence forth known as Serrath of Woodra, King of the Woods."

So you wish to prove to others, and yourself that you are capable of becomming my chosen Guardian. Then your final task is this. You shall go to the Woods of Antiquity and bring back to me, a great treasure. It is a great staff that weilds the powers of the very trees, and the earth beneath your feet. You have 14 days to complete this task.

Serrath knew that this set Task was not easy, the four great dragons have all set these tasks before hand, and many had failed. Yet she knew, that her two human friends, and her best friend Akoro, a young eighteen hundred year old Elf, had all brought to the other three, the greatest treasures to their Dragon companions. She had to be sucessful.

"As you wish." She said lowering onto one knee and bowing her head. "In fourteen days I will return to Trainers Cliff and present you with this treasure."

I shall see you then, Serrath of Stone City. Said the Large lizard like creature as he seemed to inhale a massive amount of breath, and become airborn once again. She turned watching as the large creature, roughly the size of a large horse flew back towards a tree covered mountain. She stood there till she could no longer see the dragon's plumes of smoke from it's firey breath and turned, heading back down the plant covered path, towards Stone City.

She had just fourteen days to complete this last task, and she had to plan carefully, the risks of such a journey could mean death. The Woods of Antiquity have always been known for extreem dangers. For a simple example the bite of a Vipsis Snake could kill you within a few hours if the wound wasn’t treated. Then there was the Ground Spider, it was no bigger then a humans thumb, but the venom of this spider could very well linger in your system eventually attacking your heart leaving a painful infection. Weakining you from the inside out. These two things, were the most deadliest, but there were other dangers.

Such as the fair Cat like race. Savage people, that lived in isolation. With distinguishing tails, and ears, of a cat and large massive paws that looked neither like a cats or a humans hand. On a normal day, they would look and act like normal people, yet under the moon, their cat like features would show, and heaven forbid any male or female that was around when these Cat People went into heat. For the drumbs would sound, and pound throughout the entire Woods, signifying a hunt. A hunt for a mate, they didn’t care which race Human, Elf, Half Elf, or the opisit sex of their own race. So long as they were able to mate the entire night. Once they had your way, if you were female they'd keep you to raise the young, and if you were male, they set you loose in the woods, the females enjoying the prospect of marking and keeping the male as their own personal property like a slave.

It was thoughts of these dangers that Serrath knew she would have to face, so she needed weapons, and the best Elf for the job was Akoro Tamala. A weapons expert, and an overall good warrior.

Next she would need anti venoms and treatments for various ills. For these she would see Akoros twin brother, Calis Tamala, the last remaining White Magi Elf. As sterile as a mule, but with a vast knowledge of the things she would require for her journey.

Finally she would see their half sister, a Half elf, who refused to live with Akoro and Calis due to their father treating her quite badly. Trixy, the Half elf of Trainers Point. A strong warrior skilled in stealth, and the ways of tracking. From her Serrath would learn skills needed for survival.

These thngs alone would take three days out of the fourteen required to make the trip, but that didn’t bother her, for Serrath had herown special abillity, and that was speed. It was her soul intent to use this abillity of silent speed to cover at least a portion of her journey, even if it meant that there would be no rest for at least a night.

The Origins Story of Serrath, and the Dragon Order. An Orginal Story.