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Becoming Pluto

Time Lines and Cronos.

Notes on the Story.
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Time Lines and Cronos.

A fanfic series by C. Ariza

One of the days I guess I could never forget, is the day that I finally learned the use of the Henshin power. Of course I had never realized that the small object that Cronos had given me was the key to my powers. To me it looked like a tacky car ornament. For several days I had found myself looking at it, wondering what the hell it was. Then one day it occurred to me to try to use it, as I had seen Usagi use the compact she was wearing. I never did try until several days after that. I kept thinking, why should I? Now that I think of it, it was more because I was afraid to. I had no idea what would happen, and what I would do if I found myself in a situation that I didn’t like. So I bided my time.

It wasn’t until I had learned of monsters going after people for what they called ‘Shine Fragments.’ That I screwed up the courage to try using the item. I really don’t know why, but I found myself calling out ‘Pluto Planet Power, Make Up.’ Don’t know where I got it from, but for some reason I just knew what to say. I didn’t really have to think about it.

Somehow, the object turned into a long staff. With a key shaped bottom. My clothes from head to toe changed. On my head formed a tiara with a ruby gem at its center, my earrings changed to red, long and heavy objects that tapered off to a point at the bottom, and on my neck formed a dark green choker, with a red ruby teardrop hanging off of it. I was now wearing a Sailor uniform consisting of a dark green collar, white body suit, as with white elbow length gloves with a green trim. My skirt was a Dark Green, and so were my boots. The bow on my chest was a dark burgundy color, and the one at the base of my back was the same color as well. At the center of the bow on my chest, was a red ruby.

Holding the staff out I couldn’t help but notice that something seemed to be missing. I couldn’t place my finger on it though. I stepped out onto my patio and stood there motionless. My eyes were closed, and I was listening. Now that it was made absolutely clear that I was like Sailor Moon and the other girls, I didn’t know what to do. I needed guidance.

"It’s about bloody time you woke up Pluto." Said a voice that I only heard in my dreams. Turning I saw the face of a man who had died trying to protect me.

"Mecrtiy! You were reborn here too?" I asked as I regarded the man who now looked quite young.

"Not quite Princess, Cronos ended up saving my life. He stopped time moved me here and then watched as the ship was attacked and everyone died."

"But you look so young!" I exclaimed as I hugged him briefly. "Ah, that. It’s a little time magic actually. Cronos kind of made me into a kid with all my memories intact. Granted, you do realize that you were born a thousand years after the defeat of the two kingdoms?" I nodded my head.

"Yes. I know.

Mecrtiy looked at me once more and then nodded his head. "It’s time for your training. Come on." He said as he jumped from the patio and onto the roof of the next building. I followed, amazed that I was able to. The untapped powers were incredible. It was at least an hour of rooftop movements before we stopped in an isolated field.

"Here is where you train. It is vital you train before you take part in the time trials. You will learn of your powers, and how to use them properly. Granted, some powers are very dangerous to use so use the utmost precaution!" Mecrtiy said to me as he indicated the entire field. "First, the basics! Combat! You will use your staff, and I will use my own wooden sword against you." He said as he took a defensive stance. "So attack me as if you were going to kill me!" He said.

I did as he had asked me, I rushed at him with my staff held high, ready to strike him, but he moved to the left turning, and hitting me lightly on my ribcage, on the right side.

"Is that the best you can do? Lesson number one, always guard your body!" He said as he then bent low to the ground and then tripped me by swinging his leg. Resulting in my landing on my ass. "Lesson number two, Setsuna! Look for moments to strike your enemy where they have left themselves unguarded! In this case when I had bent down to the ground you could have leapt into the air over my head and struck a blow to the back of my head." He said holding out his hand to help me up. I stood up with my own power and held the staff across my chest.

"Point taken." I said.

"Good, now try it again! But pace yourself so you don’t waste all your energy."

"Got it." I said resting myself before moving, but before I could, Mecrtiy rushed me head on holding his sword to the side. This time I anticipated his movements and used the staff to block his attack. He countered that with a swift movement to my left and switched his sword to the other hand. While he did this he spoke.

"Well done, you are learning quite fast, now try to find an opening. Aruag!" He grunted as I did just that and landed a swift kick to his stomach, and then used the force of my kick to jump backwards and flip in the air. When I landed and stood facing him, he was sitting on his own ass and looking at me with amazement.

"Lesson number three!" I crowed. "Concentrate!"

"Well, I can see that basic combat will come very easy to you. Let’s move on to magical abilities. Just a word of caution, don’t rely too much on your magical abilities. It costs a lot of mental endurance and can weaken you rather quickly."

"Okay, I understand. Just one question, what are my magical abilities?"

"It’ll come to you." He said with a grin. "You have to define your powers with a spell. That spell will always be what you use from this point on. You have up to three spells to define. Offensive magic, and defensive magic. Then finally time capabilities. We’ll start with the defensive. I will use my magical offensive ability as a direct attack. See if you can block it. Here we go!" He said as he jumped into the air and crossed his arms over his chest. "Blue Tsunami!" The next thing I knew, out of nowhere a large wave of water came in my direction. "Think quickly Sailor Pluto! You have a matter of seconds to deflect my attack!" Mecrtiy shouted from behind the massive wave.

The wave got closer and I was struck with a memory of a spell. Gripping my staff I turned in a complete circle, raised it and shouted, "SHIELDING DEFLECTION!" At the last second a sphere of air surrounded me and the wave passed over and around me harmlessly. When the water dissolved Mecrtiy was nodding his head in approval.

"A classical defensive maneuver, but before you even think of trying an offensive magical attack, you have to complete the first of the time trials." Mecrtiy said crossing his arms over his chest.

"But you said and I quote ‘It is vital you train before you take part in the time trials. You will learn of your powers, and how to use them properly. Granted, some powers are very dangerous to use so use the utmost precaution!’ That’s exactly what you said!" I screeched at Mecrtiy.

"True, true, but I see no reason in training someone who kicked my ass in a matter of moments. Your no beginner that’s for sure." He said shrugging.

"I believe I’m not quite ready for these Time Tests or whatever you call them!" I retorted. "Further more, if I am to complete them I want more training!" I said holding my Staff in front of me. "I may be a Sailor Solider, but I will train until I see that I am fit for them. That means in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul!"

"So be it. Let us see what you can do!" Mecrtiy said cheerfully.

"Don’t be so cheerful. After all you’re supposed to be training me!" I said as we started our dance of offense and defense, a battle of wits, stamina, and soul. We must have gone at the basic training for over two hours when there came a flash of light and then a loud crash as Mecrtiy went flying over my head in the arms of another Sailor Soldier.

As comical as it was, I kept a straight face as I watched the two, duke it out. It was even more comical when Mecrtiy called out to me for help. Even though I wanted to laugh at the timing of such an outcome I couldn’t show that my guard had been let down. Running towards them I used my Shield Technique and shielded him from any more attacks. I then shouted.

"Hold your peace! He was my sparring partner, and my Sensei." I said using the correct terms when one is a pupil to another in the arts of fighting. Hand to hand, or magical it did not matter. He was teaching me after all. The one, who was fighting with Mecrtiy, turned to face me. Even though she looked like a boy, her chest told another story. She was blonde, and her Sailor Uniform consisted of dark blue and yellow.

"Since when does a Sailor Soldier need a sparring partner?" She asked me. "Also, when did you become a Soldier?"

"Since I became a Soldier today, and since he knows of my destiny." I replied holding out my hand. "Peace friend, he means me no harm. He was only preparing me for the Time Trials." The girl grunted and held out her hand and gripped mine firmly and shook it.

"Time Trials huh? So you’re the Guardian of Time then, aren’t you?"

"I guess so, yeah." I said nodding my head. "He’s to train me before I try to complete the tasks."

"We thought you were being attacked." Said another female voice. "It isn’t often that you see a Solider training with a regular person. Most of them train with each other." I turned and looked at a girl with sea green hair, and wearing a light green sailor uniform. "I’m Sailor Neptune, and the one who over reacted is Sailor Uranus."

"I’m Sailor Pluto." I replied.

"Well, now that we all know each other, let us continue with your training Pluto!" Mecrtiy said with a grunt. "Your Father expressed his desire that you take the trial soon, because you have to find the Time Talisman before you take up your position at the gate."

"Talisman? Not one of the three we’ve been looking for?" Uranus asked as she looked at me. Mecrtiy grunted and nodded his head.

"Yes. I believe they’ve been known as The Talisman of Time, The Talisman of Truth, and the Talisman of Bravery." He added as an afterthought.

"Why are you looking for them?" I asked blinking.

"We’re looking for them because we’ve been charged with finding them in order to gain the Purity Chalice. So the Princess can use it to defeat the Mistress of Silence." I didn’t say anything to that. For some reason, I felt that if I revealed anything about my dreams to them, they would ask me if I knew anything about them. I turned to Mecrtiy and nodded my head.

"It seems that all of us have the same goal. Find them, and use them to defeat the Mistress."

"In any case, we must be going." Mecrtiy said shrugging. "Both of us have to get an early start tomorrow. You’ll continue your training then. The next day after, you partake in the trials." I nodded my head and turned to the others bowing.

"I guess I better do as he says. He is after all my Sensei." The two girls nodded their heads.

"Good luck." Sailor Neptune said smiling. I nodded my head and followed Mecrtiy out of the field.

"Mecrtiy, why didn’t you tell them you were the Captain of the Queens Guard back in the Moon Kingdom?" I asked as we walked away.

"Because they wouldn’t believe me. On the other hand, they might have believed me if I sported my old beard, and gray hair." He said shrugging.

"Point taken. Tell me something though, I don’t recall them from our past. What do they have to do with the Talismans?"

"Those two, are the reincarnations of two of the outer guarding planets. They’ve isolated themselves from the others. Even back then, they had nothing to do with the others. They were part of the elite force to protect this solar system. Who ever trained them has done a good job. Whoever it is must have known about the fate of the world. For all I know it could have been another King, but that’s doubtful."

"Mecrtiy, perhaps it was my father?" I asked.

"That frivolous fart? Hardly, he’s only concerned about the pending future of this world. There are two routes that could possibly happen. The formation of the Utopian view of Crystal Tokyo, or the destruction of this planet." He paused and turned to me, "That last option, we don’t want. The future the Queen and her family is at stake."

"Wait just a second! Are you telling me that Usagi and Mamoru are going to have a family?" I asked. Mecrtiy looked and me and let out a laugh.

"Good god, for a guardian of time you sure are perceptive. Come with me." He said. "We go to the botanical gardens. Usagi, Mamoru and their future daughter are there right now."

"How’s that possible?" I asked confused.

"You still have a lot to learn. Your future self, with the aid of the Time Talisman sent her here. Mainly to learn to become a real lady, Queens orders." I laughed at that.

"You mean, Usagi wanted a break from her daughter, as if the Usagi of this time line could teach the kid anything." I Scoffed.

"That’s true Pluto. She’s also here to learn the ways of being a Sailor Soldier." He said shrugging. "So far, the pink haired brat seems to be doing fine." I blinked and shook my head.

"How can a child borne of parents with Blonde and Black hair get pink?"

"Dammed if I know. For all I know, she might have been in a chemistry explosion that resulted in it."

"But pink! Oh man, that’s way to hard to believe!" I crowed with laughter.

"Believe it Pluto, that female brat has pink hair."

"I’ll believe it when I see it!" I said laughing, "Come on, let’s get going. Now that you’ve gotten my interest I want to see this kid."

"Hold up a second. It would be better if you went as Setsuna, and not as Sailor Pluto. Right now, the Sailor Soldier Sailor Pluto is mainly guarding the gate. If you were seen by Usagi and her friends right now, there would be questions that would need answering."

"I get it. You mean, that they would be asking me why I’m not at this gate or whatever. Which would probably lead to a major Time Flux in the flow of time right?" Mecrtiy looked at me and smiled.

"Exactly. Now turn back into your civilian identity." He said turning around his back facing to me. "Tell me when you’re done."

"I have a question. How do I do that?" Mecrtiy shook his head and placed his hand on his forehead.

"Oh boy, are you telling me that it was by sheer luck that you figured out how to transform?" I nodded my head. "Yeah." I added as an after thought.

"Okay, close your eyes and think of what you were wearing previously." He said. "It should be rather instantaneous." After hearing that I closed my eyes and thought about the blue jeans and the black t- shirt I was wearing. I didn’t feel any movement, but I did feel a rippling sensation like wind dragging at ribbons. When the sensation had passed I peeked one eye open and saw, that indeed I was wearing my clothes. Minus shoes.

"Uh, just so you know. I wasn’t wearing my shoes when I transformed." I said with a slight chuckle.

"I figured as much." Mecrtiy said shaking his head. "It pays to be prepared. Here." He said tossing some black sneakers to me. "Put those on." I put them on after I had placed the Henshin stick in my jeans pocket, and then realized that Mecrtiy wasn’t carrying shoes, or any other means to carry any items. The only thing he had was his wooden sword. "Hey, how’s you get these? You weren’t carrying any shoes, and you don’t have a backpack."

"Oh that?" Mecrtiy said shrugging. "Simple magic displacement. In other words, the shoes were in my apartment. All I did was, think about them, reached my hand into a pocket of empty space and they showed up in my hand. You can also store various food items, and other such things in the actual pocket. It’s like having an invisible backpack. It’s believed that Sailor Moon carries a miniature fridge and another assortment of food storage devices, along with utensils and dishes." He said as we resumed our walk to the Botanical Gardens.

"That I can believe. You’re lucky you haven’t been around her when she eats. Sometimes the drool and spray back of food is so bad you need an umbrella to block it."

"I guess I’d have to see it to believe it." Mecrtiy said as he pointed to a building with steps leading into it. "That’s the Botanical Garden. And over there, is the happy family." He then pointed to Usagi, Mamoru and a small girl of the age of at least seven. Her hair really was pink, and her eyes. Those were red. Standing there I could see the actual resemblance to Usagi and Mamoru. Not just the fact that the kid had the same hairstyle as Usagi, but I could see the same facial features as Usagi, and the faces the child made reminded me of both Mamoru and Usagi. She really was their child, and she really must have been from the future.

"She looks like a real cute kid." I commented.

"The kid may look cute, but she’s the future princess of Crystal Tokyo. Your job is to make sure that nothing happens to her. Now, and in the future. It’s not an easy task. With that kid around, trouble ends up knocking on the door. You have to be on your guard. You can do most of your guarding in your civilian form. Even the kid doesn’t know your true identity in the future.

"I see." Was all I could possibly say at the time.

"Anyway, we should be getting back home. Like I stated before we have a big day ahead of us."

"Indeed." I said, "I have to go through the Time Trials."

That night it rained, and I had decided to watch the late night programs on my TV when a sudden thought had occurred to me.

It had a lot to do with the fact that I had to go through the Trials that Mecrtiy had kept mentioning.

"Christ!" I cursed as I turned off the television set. "The fart tricked me!" It was true, because of my getting sidetracked by the two Senshi during our sparing duel. Mecrtiy had somehow gotten me to agree to go through the trials. The Fart might have been young in this time and age, but he was just as sly as I had ever remembered him in my past life. That was another thing that had suddenly been made apparent in my mind. I was starting to remember times of people who I knew and yet knew I hadn’t met them until today, or not at all. It was a little confusing.

Knowing that I had to be wide-eyed and busy tailed the next day, I turned in an hour early for bed. Yet when I think about it, I hardly doubt my going to bed at one in the morning, instead of three made any difference at all.

Before meeting up with Mecrtiy I had decided to go for a short walk to Rei’s Temple. To be honest, it was because I wanted to pry for luck before going through the Trials. As I stood in front of the shrine I heard a voice.

"You don’t have time for that. The trials will begin at once. Are you prepared?"

It was my father. I’d know that voice anywhere.

Becoming Pluto is a Fanfic written by C. Ariza and is bound to change over time.