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Becoming Pluto

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Notes on the Story.
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Time Lines and Cronos.

A fanfic series by C. Ariza

I’ll never forget my 16th birthday.

I remember the day so clearly too.

It was a pretty normal day actually. The usual schedule. Going to school, and then studying. Kind of normal really, when one thinks about it. It all started at the bus stop outside the school. I was standing not far from it actually. It was because I had stopped to look for my bus fare and not finding any money, I was wondering if I should ask one of my friends for some money, or if I should just chalk it up as one bad thing for the day, and walk home.

It was then that my friend Megumi Yoshi, came up running from behind, and slapped me on the back in greeting.

"Setsuna Chan! If you don’t hurry, you’ll miss the bus." She said as she fiddled around with her long brown hair, that was tied up into a very sever ponytail by a bright green ribbon.

"I know, and I guess I’ll have no choice in the mater. It seems I didn’t bring enough money for the trip back home." I said as I smiled weakly and rubbed the back of my head. "I guess I’ll have to walk."

Megumi frowned, and then tossed up her hands into the air and laughed. "Since when do you ever forget your money for the bus? That is just not like you." She said laughing, "no matter, I’ll walk with you. Besides, if my mother sees that test mark in history I’ll get my hide skinned." I laughed as I watched Megumi’s antics and shrugged.

"Suit yourself, it is a long walk after all."

"And the best thing of all, is that it’s scenic! It’s all greenery and stuff. Not a whole lot of apartments and junk!" She said as she linked her right arm with my left and we started on our way home.

It was a nice walk, that much I will admit. The trees are pretty old, and the area is considered one of the few remaining places that demand the security of the trees and stuff. It’s kind of like a giant park I guess. In any case, I did enjoy myself, and Megumi kept me laughing so hard that my stomach ended up hurting a whole lot. Even though it was a long walk, time just seemed to fly. It seemed like only an hour’s worth of walking when Megumi and I had parted ways. She, to her own house, and I to mine which was still a bit of a ways down the street.

When one walks alone, one starts to think. It’s kind of like a way to keep yourself from going crazy when it’s too quiet. Myself, well I was thinking all right. About dreams, that were occurring every night. In it I was talking to a man, whom I called my father and he was telling me that I was to take his place at something called The Gate of Time and Space. I remember in the dream feeling a deep sadness. Few people visited me at the gate. The ones who did, were a Princess who I think in my dream was my Niece, her boyfriend who was a Prince, and the only other person who came to visit me was this man who called himself Raion. In my dream all of them were very worried about an up coming battle, and I myself could only feel myself grow sad. For some reason, in my dream I knew that they would all die. This included myself. For some reason this worried me.

I could never figure out why, but I felt that these dreams were telling me something important but I couldn’t put my finger on it. That’s why I kept going over and over in my mind, what had taken place in the dreams. I ended up getting frustrated. I remember stopping briefly, and sitting down on a bench wondering what the hell I was going to do. I must have sat there for a while, because when I finally looked up I noticed that a man was standing in front of me, and he was looking at me with something like shock.

"Excuse me, but I can’t help but noticing that you’re looking at me as if I were a ghost." I said as I stood up, lifting my backpack up onto my shoulder. "So just what is it about me that makes you look like that?

The guy blinked and shook his head and rubbed the back of his shoulders.

"Okay I see your point, I’m sorry about that but this is going to sound really strange but I’ve seen you in these dreams I’ve had recently." My interest piqued, and I sat back down and indicated for him to sit as well. Over the next few hours we talked about his dream, I in turn told him of mine. We noticed many similarities, and soon became fast friends.

That was my sixteenth birthday, and I’ll never forget it. It was the day that changed my life. For good or Ill I can’t say. All I know is that if that day hadn’t happened, things might very well be completely different.

His Name was Mamoru Chiba. His hair was Raven black, and he tended to wear suits. They suited him. He liked Roses, nature, and he had a girlfriend. Though I never did meet her until some many months after. For a while, Chiba and I did spend quite a bit together trying to figure out just what our dreams were trying to say. Yet, I always had the feeling that Chiba was hiding something. It was odd really, just when I’d think there was a breakthrough in the theory of the dreams he’d shake his head and clam up. I often got the feeling that he was hiding something about himself from me. Even though we were very close friends.

On one such occasion, when Chiba had gone into one of those moods, I had then turned to Motoki for advice. Motoki has blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He’s very handsome, that much I will admit. Even though he had a girlfriend, girls flocked to him. I think it was because of his good looks, and over all nice nature.

He had sat down in a chair and rubbed the back of his head, after I explained about my frustrations over Mamoru being a cold fish about certain topics. He then shrugged, and pointed to a girl with long blonde hair, that was done up in an O’dango hairstyle with the rest of her hair ending in pigtails that went as far as her ankles. She was in the company of four other girls, and two cats were sitting on a chair in a bright orange duffel bag, poking their heads out now and then.

"You could always ask Usagi about his claming up moods. After all, who else would know Mammo better?" Motoki said as he too watched them. "It’s funny y’know? For the longest time the two of them totally hated each other! Don’t know how it happened but about a year or so back they ended up going out together. Oh they did break up for a while, but I guess they really are attracted to each other or something, because they’ve been back together for a while now. It’s almost like; all those arguments they had kind of woke him up. Never really seen such a spark in his eye in all my years of knowing him. I remember one time when Usagi nearly got hit by a car. It happened right outside of the arcade. She was crossing the street to meet him when the car came around the corner. She kind of froze right in front of it. Should have seen him. She jumped over the railing and pushed her out of the way." I looked at Motoki and blinked.

"What happened after that?" I asked, as I scratched my right knee.

"Oh she went into this shock or something. She was trembling all over. Normally she’d cry over something like that but I guess that time it happened so fast that it never really registered that she could have been killed. She could hardly walk, let alone stand. So he picked her up and brought her into the arcade. The look on his face was like pure worry. She recovered of course, played a few Sailor V video games." Motoki paused. "That girl sure is lucky to have him, considering that she’s his first girlfriend ever and he was never interested in girls until they started going out."

"I see, but I thought Rei..." I said pointing out that I knew the story about Rei trying to go out with him.

"Oh that, well he wasn’t interested. Thought of her as just a friend. Though she was persistent." He said as he turned to look at me. "So why don’t you go and introduce yourself to her and tell her of those dreams you’ve been having. Heck, even Rei might be able to help. She’s into that kind of stuff. Says she can even read the flames of her temple’s fire. Anyway, I have to go back to work now. See ya later." He said as he gave a small wave and left me standing by the crane game. I watched the girls for a few more moments before screwing up the courage to go talk to them.

Before I could even so much as say Hi, the girl with long blonde hair with a red ribbon in it smiled and made my presence known.

"Hi there!" She said with a smile. "Could you settle an argument for us? It seems my friends can’t quite agree on what movie to see tonight. It’s a Toss up between the New Sailor V movie, starring the voice talents of yours truly. Or, seeing this new romantic Private Eye flick. Which one would you see?"

"Well I don’t really know. I mean I haven’t really taken the liberty to see any movies recently." I said as I looked at the others.

"Well then, we’ll just have to take you with us to the movies, and whatever one we do decide to watch! My treat!" Said the girl. "By the way, my names. Aino Minako, The girl with the blue hair is Mizuno Ami, The brunette is Kino Makoto, and the two girls who are arguing over which movie to watch are Rei and Usagi." She said smiling.

"Well I guess it’s nice to meet you. My name is Miho Setsuna." I said as I bowed in greeting. "I’m a friend of Chiba." I said as an after thought.

It was then that a loud piercing scream issued out. "MAMMO CHAN!" I turned my head and Usagi was giving out loud cries with huge crocodile tears. The other girls made various faces and tried to calm the girl down. I was at a loss for words. It was Ami who explained what brought on the crying attack.

"You see, tomorrow Mamoru goes to America to visit some friends there. It’s their anniversary. We’re trying to keep her mind off of it."

"Oh." I said. Ami smiled at me and patted my arm.

"It’s okay. You had no idea." She said.

"Oh no, actually I do. In fact I was out for coffee with him yesterday and he told me of the trip. He actually was really sorry, but he had to go. You see, his friend Eric is getting married." I explained. "Just between you and I though, I’d sudjest going to the Sailor V Movie. I remember Chiba once telling me that Usagi liked Sailor V video games. So why not go to that? I’m sure she’d like that." Ami smiled at me and nodded. Then she did something I thought amusing. She placed her thumb and pointer finger into her mouth and issued a loud piercing whistle. The girls stopped making noises and looked in our direction.

"Okay. Now that I have your attention, Setsuna and I have decided that we should see the new Sailor V Movie. After all, I’m sure we could all use the entertainment. Not only that, none of us have seen it before. Except Minako of course. How about it?"

"It’s okay with me." Said Usagi perking up. "I’ve always wanted to see it. Never got a chance to do it that one time when Naru Chan was upset." Usagi said grinning. "So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!"

I have to admit; I’ve never seen anyone change moods so quickly. One moment the girl was crying over the fact that Chiba was going to America, and the next she was all excited to go to the Sailor V Movie. I was even more amused when that very girl grabbed me by the hand and literally dragged me to the theater with her friends. The chatter of the five girls was so constant I never even asked Usagi about her boyfriend’s moods. I think it was because I knew she’d get upset over the mentioning of his name.

At the theater, Minako was true to her word. She bought a ticket for myself and even went as far as treating me to a diet soda. I will admit to having a great time. It was like finally feeling a heavy weight lift off my shoulders.

Not long after Mamoru had left for America, Usagi and I started to talk about him and she didn’t seem to be quite as phased over the mentioning of his name. At one point in one of our conversations I revealed to her the dream I had been having and she looked at me with shock.

"You know Setsuna, I’ve been having dreams as well. It’s weird because Mammo Chan is in it all the time. Now that I think of it, I’ve also dreamed once that Mammo and myself went to this place called the Chamber of Time and met with a woman there. She was my aunt or something. It’s weird, but you know she looked a whole lot like you. Only thing different is that she was always sad. She had this somber face, and she never really smiled. You though, you’re always smiling. Isn’t that weird?" I sighed and flopped back onto her bed and looked at the ceiling.

"Yes, it is weird, because in the dream I knew things that I couldn’t tell the people who came to visit me. Things like knowing that they would die." I closed my eyes and pushed back the very feelings as I told her of my dream and how they made me feel. Usagi was silent for a while, like she was really thinking hard or something. She then shook her head and looked at her cat Luna. She was a Black creature, with a golden crescent moon on her forehead. The cat looked back with seemingly an intelligent look, then jumped into Usagi’s lap and started to purr.

"You know something, I want to tell you about my theory on life. When people die, they are reborn to different parents in different parts of the world. Sometimes they remember their lives from before, and sometimes they don't. It just depends on the destiny of the people involved in the great cosmic balance or something." I blinked a few times and smiled.

"And here the others thought you were not very bright." I said with a teasing manner.

"I can be just as smart as the others!" She said grabbing a pillow and throwing it at me. "I mean, I may not always be on time for school, and I’m clumsy. Heck I’m an all around flake, but I don’t care what people think about me. I’m happy with the way I am." She said proudly.

"You’re not very stellar either." I added with a grin and threw back the pillow to which she screeched and threw it back with which issued a small pillow fight. After that we sat down for some muffins and tea that her mother had prepared.

"Setsuna, can I ask you a question?" She asked me as she sat nibbling on a muffin.

"You just asked one, but go ahead." I said nodding and drinking my tea.

"Smart ass," She said as she put down her muffin. "Anyway, have you ever thought that perhaps you’re like a special person or something? Like a person who’s meant to have like an ultimate destiny?"

"That’s two questions, but I don’t really know. Just what do you mean about an ‘Ultimate Destiny?’ It’s like your trying to tell me something but you can’t really reveal anything at all. It’s a tough question to answer." I replied and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh that, well I mean look at Sailor V for example. Everyone knows that she’s real. She fights for Justice and all kinds of things. She’s like a real heroine!"

"Usagi, she’s just a teenage girl who dresses up to fight bank robbers and criminals with a karate kick." I said.

"So what! She’s a great role model for girls! She’s famous, and has her own movies and dolls and games and all kinds of things!" She said after gulping down three more muffins leaving me at least one.

"You sure know a lot about her." I remarked as I reached for the last muffin. "I guess I could have a destiny or something, but I hardly doubt it." I said as I finished my tea and stood up. "I better go now." I said. "I have to be up early for a trip to Kyoto with some other friends of mine." Usagi nodded and stretched, smiling.

"I’ll walk you to the bus stop."

It was while we were waiting at the bus stop that something strange occurred. There we were waiting for the bus when this thing came crashing out of a store. It had crashed right through the window! It charged right at us, and then this girl wearing a blue Sailor Outfit, of dark blue, and lighter bows on the front and back, with Blue boots, and a golden tiara with a blue gem at its center came running after it. When she saw us she skidded to a stop, and activated some type of visor that appeared over her eyes. She waved at us to get out of the way, and crossed her arms over her chest and started to say something when the creature let out a loud screech and knocked her to the side. This girl went flying across the street and crashed into a tree. Usagi had watched this all and the look on her face was of pure anger, and annoyance. Usagi’s right eyebrow twitched as we both turned to look back at the monster.

It was brown in color, it’s face looking like that of a female. Its arms were long and slender, as were its legs and torso. But that was the only thing human about it. She, as I can only guess it was female, had razor shard teeth, large brown feathery wings, that protruded from her shoulder blades. Her hands and feet were long and looked like talons. She also had a long twitching tail, but it was her eyes that took a grip upon my heart. Her eyes, were cold, steely silver. Clearly this creature was evil. I was about to grab Usagi’s hand and have her high tail it out of there with me, but she had let out this loud yell and started to run towards it. Only to be knocked aside like a rag doll. It then advanced upon myself. I was frozen with a terror I could hardly fathom. Just when I thought it would attack me a Tiara struck it with a ruby at its center. I was then aware that Usagi was nowhere to be seen.

Taking my cue, I ran and hid behind a bush, and watched as Five girls surrounded the monster. One girl struck me as familiar. She had Usagi’s hairstyle, but she didn’t seem to have her flakiness about her. She wore to be exact, a sailors outfit for girls of a blue collar, red bows, white body suit, blue skirt, red boots with golden crescent moons on them. Not only that but on the red bow on her chest was a small compact of some sort, a red Collar on her neck with a crescent moon on it as well. On her O’dangos she wore red shields with a golden trim, and on her ears were earrings made with pearls, that dangled. At the bottom were crescent moons too.

The other girls wore similar outfits of green and pink, Red and Purple, Orange and yellow, and the other girl as I have said before wore all blue. I watched as they fought with the creature. Finally the girl with the moon theme somehow produced a long scepter and waved it around and then vanquished the creature with a powerful blast of some kind. The only thing I could call it was a magical force. After that, the girls talked for a bit and they too vanished, by jumping over the rooftops. I stood there and looked towards the Moon. It was then that something became clear to me. The Gate I was guarding in my dreams was some how connected to the Moon, and the other Girls. The one’s who seemed to protect the smaller girl with the pigtails, I had seen them in my dream, and they all died. It was strange, and yet oddly pleasing to see these girls in flesh and blood. Perhaps what Usagi had said, about people with an ultimate destiny was actually true.

Remembering about Usagi, I went in search for her, and found her walking towards me rubbing her head.

"What was that thing?" She asked me. "Is it gone now?"

"Yeah. These girls…" I said trailing off as I tried to explain what I had seen.

"Oh you must mean Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi! They’ve often been seen fighting things like that. Tokyo thinks of them as the earth’s protectors. Kind of like Sailor V." She explained.

"I guess so." I said looking back up at the sky. "Usagi, I’ve seen them in my dreams too! Except, I didn’t see the one who destroyed that thing. She wasn’t in my dream at all."

"That’s interesting." Usagi said. "Oh look there’s your bus. Tell me about your trip when you get back from Kyoto okay?" She said as she jogged off calling over her shoulder. "I have to go meet Rei and the other girls at the temple, and I’m already late!"

"Sure, I’ll do that." I said as I waved and waited for the bus. My thoughts of that night were odd.

I had another dream that night, but it was different from the other. In this dream I was talking to a man who was of a very important family. He was a great King from a very well known family. His daughter was the Defense Captain of a group of female soldiers that came from various kingdoms. These girls were all princesses of their own kingdoms as well. This man, who was named Mecrtiy, was also the captain himself, of the Queens own guards. We were talking of a very important event that was to happen. This event was the birth of a Prince from a far off kingdom. In fact this Prince was to be my half brother. My father it seemed was a very frivolous man. This Prince was named Leon, and he came from the remote planet of Jupiter. My dream self found nothing wrong with this. In fact I was very happy about the birth. It meant my father had finally some happiness in his life. It had been several yeas since the battle with Chaos and, the Queen Selene’s death. Mecrtiy in fact, was asked to go fetch me for the trip to Pluto so that I might see my new Mother and Brother. I wasn’t to worry about the gate, he said. The Female warriors were to protect it. I was happy about the news, and agreed to go. Even though I had a feeling of foreboding.

It was during the trip that we were all attacked. It was by a large Shadow. It was then that I knew that there was no longer a Kingdom on the Moon. That we were all going to die. I recall the screams of other passengers, and Mecrtiy trying to protect me. The last thing I remembered in my dream was Mecrtiy saying, "Protect the Talismans! Without them we can’t make the Grail to defeat the Mistress of Silence!"

I woke with a start, and was covered with sweat. My breathing was labored and I suddenly clutched at my chest as a deep overwhelming sadness gripped upon me. Tears were streaming down my face, and I couldn’t even move out of my bed I was trembling so much. I looked out my window and thought about the dream. What were the Talismans? Who was the Mistress of Silence? It was all so mind boggling.

I lay back on my bed, and turned onto my side, so that I still might look out the window.

What are you trying to tell me? I thought as my eyes grew heavy and I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Kyoto is a beautiful place. There is always something to do there, but even though I was trying my best to have fun on the outing, I found my mind always wandering over the contents of the dreams. It seemed to me that these dreams were running in a sequence of some sort. Yet they still didn’t reveal much of anything. In any case, it really wasn’t the time to go cavorting about and having fun. I don’t know why, but for some reason I just knew it. So when we went back to our hotel, I told my friends I’d like to take a walk by myself for a while. When I was asked why, I told them that I needed time to think about a few things. My friends, being under standing, about these moods of mine, agreed to meet up with me later at a near by restraunt.

As I’ve said before, when one is alone one thinks. This time though, the thinking came as naturally as a bird can fly. I had decided to go exploring the near by countryside and was enjoying my hike, and the serene solitude when something caught my eye.

It was a stone tablet, and there were carvings on it. Letters really, in a language I couldn’t read. It didn’t even look like any language anybody could read. I don’t know why, but I placed my hand on the engraved lettering and sighed.

"People say it’s from a Kingdom, that was destroyed over a thousand years ago." Said a deep voice behind me. I didn’t even bother to turn around.

"Really?" I asked for the sake of knowing about this Kingdom.

"Yeah, the Kingdom was ruled by an old royal line, but there aren’t any royal blood lines here anymore. It was destroyed by a dark shadow, or so people believe."

"That’s interesting. These letters, what do they say?" I asked.

"It’s a poem. About how the Kingdom was destroyed by A Dark Shadow, and about how that shadow was destroyed by light." The voice said, and I got the impression that whoever this person was, they were moving in closer. I was right. A hand pointed at the first verse.

" ‘ On today this day, darkness has come. The darkness destroyed all in sight. Led by she who was born evil. On today this day, that evil was destroyed. By she who was born in light. On today this day, many have died. On today this day, we mourn the deaths of many, and the destruction of the two Kingdoms.’ "

I had closed my eyes while the person had read that first verse, and he continued. For some reason I knew what he was going to say.

" ‘ On today this day, we celebrate the return of our light. The world is at peace. On today this day, a great queen and King have died. Their children as well. An Alliance forged by love, and killed by hate. On today this day, we bury our dead, and are happy for the great sacrifice of the Queen of Light.’ "

Both of our voices were as one. I opened my eyes and turned to look at this person. His hair was dark brown, with a shock of white hair on the right side of his bangs. His eyes were a bright green, and they seemed to have some type of a spark. He was looking right at me, not even looking at the stone tablet.

"Where have you heard this before?" He demanded of me, indicating the poem on the tablet."

"I haven’t heard it before. I just knew what you were going to read. The moment you started to read the second stanza." I said turning away from his demanding stare. "I can’t explain it, I just knew."

The guy crossed his arms over his chest and regarded me for a moment. "Uh huh, I thought so. I bet you can read the words now and understand them too." He said looking back at the tablet. "Don’t worry, it was the same way for me too. My grandfather told me what it said and ever since then I was able to read it and translate it in my mind. It’s an old language really. Nobody uses it any more. Kind of like the Egyptians and the Hieroglyphics."

"That’s really interesting, but what does this stone tablet have to do with me? Before you read it, I didn’t even know what it said, now I do, and I can see you translated it. Yet, in my mind I know the translation is correct!" I said as I tossed my hands up in the air and made my way down to a tree and sat under its shade. The guy followed and sat down next to me.

"It has a lot to do with you. Like it has a lot to do with me." He said as he closed his eyes. "Tell me do you have dreams? Of deaths, and sadness, and sometimes even rare moments of happiness?" He asked me.

"Perhaps." Was my reply.

"Okay, you’re not the type to reveal anything. That’s okay too, because that means you most likely do. I’m like that myself."

"Who the hell are you?" I asked looking at him, and wondering why I was even bothering to waste my time with this guy.

"Ah, my name doesn’t really matter but if you really want to call me by some type of name, you can call me Elendar."

"That’s some name. I’m Setsuna. Anyway, this is all too odd. I’m starting to think that perhaps I’m dreaming right now and that all this isn’t real." I said as I idly picked at a blade of grass and tore it into tiny pieces.

"I certainly don’t hold it against you Setsuna, but face the facts. There’s something special about you, and I know what it is." Elendar said as he stood up and tossed in my direction what looked to me a dark green stick, with a planet ornament placed on the top.

"Keep that with you Setsuna. One day you’ll need it, and when that day comes I’ll be there. Just one more thing, in your dreams I was your father and your father was the God Cronos, the god of time." With that the guy walked away, and kind of vanished from sight.

I looked down at the strange stick and blinked. I was amazed that he knew about my dreams, even though I never mentioned them to him. Even more surprising was that he knew about the dream of that man who was my father. He said that man was Cronos, that he WAS the same Cronos in my dreams. It was confusing, but when I placed aside my questions, I came to the simple truth that The God Cronos had never died, because that’s who he was, a God. Which led to the realization that if Gods don’t die and if he was the man in my dreams, then he really was Cronos and that I lived over a thousand years ago. I died and was reborn. I shook my head.

"Basterds. If this is some kind of major cosmic joke on the part of my destiny, you gods can stop laughing your heads off. This girl doesn’t like being the butt of anybody’s joke." I said as I jammed the strange stick into my pocket and headed to the coffee shop so I could meet up with my friends. That night, I felt like the stars in the very skies were laughing at me. I even felt that someone was watching me, and watching me closely. Waiting for something to happen.

Something did happen, and to this day I can’t help but wonder why it happened a year after I had met Elendar. The events that day were strange and had the sense of mystery to them. It all started when I had agreed to meet up with my friend Megumi. We had agreed to go to a festival, and there we had met up with Mamoru and the girls. By that time I had forgotten all about my dreams. In fact I never had any more concerning the kingdoms at all. It was like being set free. The festival we were at was the Sakura Festival. Our nation always celebrates the blossoming of the Cherry trees. It’s a very magical sight, and people always go to the parks to see this act of nature.

That day, I was watching them with Mamoru, Usagi, Rei, and Megumi. We were all talking quietly when there seemed to be a loud explosion, and then a bright flash of light. When I had recovered my sight everything was still and silent. I had turned to see if the others were okay but they were not moving. In fact nothing was moving, everything and everyone except myself were frozen in place. I stood up and walked towards a near by tree and looked up at the stationary petals of the Sakura flowers. One was so close to me I could reach out and touch it. I did so and it came freely into my hand. I opened it and it started to glow, it was a bright pink color.

"It’s time." Said the familiar voice of Elendar. "You have to make your choice. The Silence will be upon us soon, and the Talismans will be needed." I turned around and faced the man I had met a year ago.

"What are you talking about?" I asked as I let the petal go and watched as it fell to the ground.

"It’s time for the trials. It’s time you became who you were destined to be Setsuna. You are the guardian of time. You are the Soldier of Pluto. Like the five girls you saw last year, you are like them." He said as he walked towards me, extending out his left hand. "It took me years to find you, and when I did last year I knew you were her. My daughter from a thousand years ago."

"Give me a break Cronos. I can’t be like those other girls, I don’t have any special powers to speak of, let alone any type of planet to call my own." I said as I looked at him with distaste. "All I am is the butt of some cosmic joke on behalf of the god of time!" I was angry, and I was annoyed.

"Your dreams tell you differently, and so do the dreams of your friends. Mamoru Chiba, and Tuskino Usagi. Haven’t you figured it out yet, my daughter? They are the children of those past kingdoms, as are the other girls. They are from the past just like yourself, you are like them and you have a great destiny to fulfill. Those dreams weren’t just any dreams. They were your memories."

"Great, now you’re saying that not only you’re my father, like I suspected last year but I’m some type of Soldier? Come on, this is way too much. Sure the soldiers of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus have all been reborn and so have the Prince and Princess of the Kingdoms of the moon and earth but your forgetting one little matter! Who’s the girl that’s the leader of the Female Soldiers? If my dreams, no my memories serve me correctly. Sailor Venus was the leader. There were only four Soldiers of the Court. Who’s the fifth?"

"If you take my hand I will reveal all." Cronos said. "You will see who she is and you will understand."

"What if I don’t?"

"Then all of the world will become a dead planet and the Mistress of Silence will reign forever."

"Okay I’ll go, but I still don’t trust you." I said taking his hand and taking one last look at the people frozen in time.

"You don’t have to." Cronos said as he chuckled and took my hand.

Traveling through time is like watching everything happening all at the same time. A child can be born, grow old and die. Yet, you can either speed up the process or slow it down. In this case, Cronos led me back wards through time. I saw people that had died become alive again and live lives in reverse. Yet it seems that we weren’t the ones moving. It’s a little complicated, and I’ve yet to find a suitable way to explain it.

After only a few moments of time conversion, as Cronos called it we found ourselves in an elevator with Mamoru, and Usagi.

"They can’t see us, but watch and listen." Cronos said as he pointed towards the two of them.

Both of them were looking out the window overlooking the city, and their conversation placed the event that was about to occur well before they ever went out.

"I was in a terrible car accident when I was very little. When I came to, I couldn’t remember anything, who my parents were, nothing. I don’t even know if Mamoru’s my real name. I grew up in an orphanage, and when I was old enough to get a job I moved out on my own. Thing is, I keep having these strange dreams. There’s this princess, and she’s locked in a tower, and she keeps telling me to bring her this Silver Crystal. I believe I’ve met her before, and I think she can tell me who I really am. Anyway, thanks for listening O’dango atama."

Usagi flared at that and retaliated to the remark.

"Don’t call me that! You said you wouldn’t call me that any more! You do remember don’t you?"

"Yeah, sorry." Mamoru said as he leaned against the window.

"It must be hard not knowing who you are." Usagi said, as her empathetic side took over.

"I get clues." Mamoru said. It seemed that they would have gone on talking like this except that suddenly both had looked up and it was then that I saw the same look of annoyance on Usagi’s face. It was the look she had when we were attacked by that female monster. Just then she raised her hand into the air and transformed right in front of Mamoru. She was Sailor Moon! I was just as surprised, as the look on Mamoru’s face suggested he was. After she had transformed she grabbed Mamoru, kicked open the hatch to the top, and then somehow timed her jump to that of an explosion. How they survived I’ll never figure out.

Cronos stopped time and we moved into position to stand next to a man with green eyes and long blonde hair held in a ponytail at the base of his neck. Time resumed.

We watched as Sailor Moon confronted the man, calling him Zoicite, to which he responded with an annoying laugh.

"Oh it’s not you I’m after. It’s your old friend Tuxedo Mask."

"Give me a break, he’s not even here Zoicite!" Sailor Moon screamed.

"Oh yes I am." Said Mamoru. I watched the comical look on Sailor Moons face and then I understood why she had that look on her face. The two had always fought each other in minor fights and arguments when they were in their normal civilian identities. At least that’s what I had thought at first. I watched spellbound as Mamoru transformed into Tuxedo Mask, and watched as the two talked and then nearly screamed out in anger and sisterly rage when Zoicite sent an ice crystal right through Tuxedo Mask’s back. I felt so angry that I wanted to do something to teach that asshole a lesson. Cronos placed a hand on my shoulder and patiently told me to watch just a little longer.

I did.

What I saw made me feel so relieved that I was practically crying. Sailor Moon, in a state of shock and horror, had run to Tuxedo Mask’s side and cried over him. Then out of no where, right above her head these rainbow colored Crystals all formed into one round, white Crystal, and Sailor Moon stood up as it attached itself to a wand with a Crescent Moon on it. She took hold of this wand, turned a few times and became the princess of the dreams I had. It was seeing the serene look on her face that made me smile.

"So she did survive! Oh, I’m so glad!"

"There’s more Setsuna. Look, she’s revealing the last days of the Moon Kingdom. You’ll note that she reveals that Mamoru is Prince of the Earth." I nodded my head in silence. I turned away and watched no more. I closed my eyes and shook my head in disbelief.

"Cronos, you’re a bloody asshole." I said after a few moments, "Okay, so you’ve got my full attention now, what am I supposed to do?"

There was nothing but silence. I opened my eyes and turned around. I was once again standing by the tree, and everything seemed to be back to normal. I shook my head again and sat down. I started to think about what I had learned and smiled to myself. Finally, I had an answer to several questions. Thing was, the few I had now that they had answers, only made me ask more questions. It was truly frustrating.

Wrapping my arms around my knees I watched the others as they ate lunch, and talked about the movies they saw and of other things. I felt alone, and I felt sad.

The look on my face must have been readable because Mamoru came over and sat down next to me.

"What’s up?" He asked me.

"The sun." I answered.

"Okay. Let me rephrase that. What’s ticking in that intelligent mind of yours?" I sighed and looked at him.

"I saw my father today." I answered. Not knowing if I should tell him I meant Cronos or the man, who had left my mother and I when I was only three, Mamoru assumed it was the man who had left me when I was a child.

"Pretty harsh. Did he at least talk to you?"

"Yeah, and what he told me made me happy for a while, but now I have a whole lot more questions."

"I don’t blame you Setsuna. Talking to someone you haven’t seen for a few years will do that to anybody." He answered. "Yet, I get the feeling that there’s more to this then your letting on. You’re not yourself, and well I’m worried."

"I can’t tell you." I said turning my face away from his inquiring stare. "Let’s just say that I’ve learned something and now I don’t know what to do with that knowledge." Mamoru placed a comforting arm around my shoulders and gave me a friendly hug. "I’m so angry, and yet I’m happy at the same time. It’s all twisted up in a big old mess. It’s like chaos is right here with me." I said placing my right hand on my chest. "Inside. It’s inside and it wants to burst out and destroy everything that I’ve learned, but I don’t want it to." I closed my eyes, and my hand gripped at the fabric of my shirt. "It’s very hard to control."

"Sometimes, it’s okay to cry Setsuna." Mamoru said as his arm tightened around my shoulder. "Sometimes crying helps." He then let me go and stood up. "Are you hungry? We still have loads of food, but you better hurry and get some. Usagi might eat it all." He said rubbing the back of his head. I nodded my head and stood up.

"Yeah, and if she isn’t careful she’ll make herself sick." The both of us walked back towards the group, and for a few moments, I forgot about what I had learned.

Becoming Pluto is a Fanfic written by C. Ariza and is bound to change over time.