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Becoming Pluto

Notes on the Story.

Notes on the Story.
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Time Lines and Cronos.

Becomming Pluto: Notes.


Sailor Pluto has always been a Mystery to me.

I have always wondered what her life was like after she had been chosen to become Sailor Pluto. I have always wondered what her story was. 

Who were her friends? Along with other such questions have often always gone through my mind. I admitt that I don't know much about the Sailor Senshi of Time, save a few key points on the useage of her abillity to Stop Time. 

I started to write this Fanfic back when I first got my own computer last year as an early Christmas Gift from a friend of mine. It's been sitting dormant for a year or so now.

That is only because I had gotten sidetracked with the internet and keeping up with the other pages I had created.  The Fanfic itself is written as if she herself had written a biogrphy of what had happened to her. It is filled with thoughts, dreams, and many scenerios that had happend to her before she became Sailor Pluto, and the trials and training sessions she had to endure after she found out who she really was.

I enjoyed writting these two chapters when I was working on it, and eventually I will go back to them, but for the moment they remain this way.  


Becoming Pluto is a Fanfic written by C. Ariza and is bound to change over time.